Cricket Amped Up Brushes
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Cricket Amped Up Brushes
Boar/nylon mixed multi level bristles enables the stylist to create various degrees of volume and style easily. Specifically designed for updo styling and increased volume. Bristle pattern and texture minimizes damage, breakage, and split ends, hair is left smooth and...
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Cricket Carbon Brushes
Lightweight Carbon properties that allow for anti-static and pro heat hair drying/styling!  Ceramic, Tourmaline and Ion infused ball tips to help close hair’s cuticles add shine to hair Ultra-soft, air cushion pad is responsive to pressure while being gentle Ideal...
from $9.98
Cricket Comfort Static Free Brushes
Designed to dry hair in record time. Vent patterns and comfort ball tips make for super-quick drying, while reducing static and infusing Ceramic and Ion properties to add moisture to hair. Ceramic Ionic Comfort Ball Tips Extreme Comfort, Reduces Static...
from $3.56
Cricket Copper Clean Brushes
Treat hair and scalp to Cricket’s Copper Clean™ Brush Collection. Copper properties are known to lessen the buildup hair naturally produces. The Copper Clean™ copper coated bristles massage the scalp and work through hair to help reduce buildup and promote shiny...
from $4.95
Cricket Curves Brushes
With a slight curvature of the brush head, the New Cricket Curve brushes feel great on the scalp while maximizing overall hair drying and styling coverage. Anti-static bristles,with superior sculpted ball tips assist in the foundationof styling hair, wet to...
from $12.95
Cricket Friction Free Brushes
Proprietary blend of polymers to reduce friction caused by brushing, and styling hair —  creating a smooth finish. Bristles are ion-infused with tourmaline to impart moisture into the hair shaft, reducing static electricity and creating incredible smooth shine Seamless ceramic...
from $6.59
Cricket Heat Boss Brushes
Take control of styling with the professional Centrix® Heat Boss®  Thermal Brush. The chrome seamless barrel is ready to give big results and the innovative Heat Force Dial allows you to control the airflow. Static free nylon bristles are coated...
from $13.95
Cricket Smoothing Brush
A great boar/nylon mixed bristle brush to promote shine. The cushioned oval pad is soft on the scalp, while the flared bristle pattern shapes and styles. This brush is designed with a sleek, ergonomically correct handle for comfort.   SKU:...
Cricket Splash Brush
Splash™ Detangling BrushSuper soft flex bristles that won’t tear and kinder, friendlier, clear droplet ball-tips that help untangle the wildest of knots (wet and dry hair). Ultimate Wet & Dry Hair Detangling Brush Soft, flexible bristles that won't tear hair Gentle,...
Cricket Static Free Brushes
No one wants static in their hair. Cricket® has solved this problem with the Static Free™ brush collection. Static Free™ brushes help eliminate fly away hair, have reinforces "stay-put" ball tips and non-slip grips for maximum control and comfort. Quick...
from $4.49
Cricket Static Free Fast Flo Flex
Detangle.  Dry.  Style.  So flexible! Movable, flexible vent brush head accelerates drying and styling hair.  Gentle, fine non-snag bristles are perfect for detangling, drying and styling hair.   SKU:5511111
Cricket Static Free Fast Flo Shine
We've taken the classic Fast Flo vents and added super gentle non-snag bristles and ultra-rich boar bristles to enhance the styling experience and give that sleek, shiny look. SKU: 5511114
Cricket Static Free Fast Flo XL
Working with a lot of hair and want to dry it extra fast?  Use the Fast Flo XL for that something, "extra".  Extra-large, extra wide brush vent pattern and non-snag bristles, accelerates drying hair in record time.   SKU: 5511112
Cricket Static Free Ponytail Pro
Sleek, high, low, messy, twist or basic, there is nothing basic about the new Static Free Ponytail Pro brush.  Boar and nylon bristles help create a bump-free, smooth, shiny ponytail.  Obtain style definition and volume using the comb side.  No...
Cricket Static Free Visage #390
Visage™ cushioned paddle, sculpting cushion, cushion vent, and thermals. If sophistication is what your salon demands, Visage™ is your brush. With an elegant brushed aluminum finish, featuring static free resins it is perfect for all hair types SKU: 5511372
Cricket Technique Round Brushes
Technique Thermal seamless barrel brushes features high-heat and anti-static bristles that have tourmaline ionic properties, that help close hair’s cuticles, this assists in creating a smooth and shiny finish.  To help section hair while styling, the brush as a patented...
from $8.25
Cricket Ultra Smooth Coconut Detangling Brush
The Ultra Smooth™ Coconut Detangling Brush is ideal for detangling all hair types, wet or dry. A special blend of Coconut Oil and Keratin Protein, replace tangles with smooth, manageable hair and luxurious shine. The perfect shower brush to massage...
Cricket Ultra Smooth Detangling Brush
The Ultra Smooth™ Detangling Brush is ideal for detangling all hair types, wet or dry. A special blend of Argan and Olive oils and Keratin protein replace tangles with luxurious shine, smooth manageable hair. The perfect shower brush to massage...
Cricket Visage #395
Visage™ cushioned paddle, sculpting cushion, cushion vent, and thermals. If sophistication is what your salon demands, Visage™ is your brush. With an elegant brushed aluminum finish, featuring static free resins it is perfect for all hair types. SKU: 5511360
Diane #1044 Brush
Diane 9 Row Deluxe Tunnel Vent Brush #D1044
Diane 100% Boar Softy Styling Brush #D8168
Diane Styling Brush D8166 5 Row 8"  Black Wood Handle   #D8166
Diane Brush #D8131 Round Cusion 11 Row
Diane 11 Row Oval Wire Cushion Brush 9" #D8131   D8131
Mediceuticals Scalpro Brush
SCALPRO™ Smoothing & detangling brush. Easily detangles the hair and prevents frizz. Specially designed to use in combination with heat styling. Suitable for hair extensions and wigs. Designed with soft materials to detangle the hair directly from the scalp without...
Phillips #11
$12.50 $9.50
Phillips #11
Red Oval Cushion, Rounded metal pins Just like the Scalpmaster 125
$12.50 $9.50
Phillips 3000
Just like the old Scalpmaster 3000
Phillips 5" Diameter - MV-1
Reinforced Bristle Fully vented to maximize air flow Hollow head construction reduces weight Rubber grip for control 5 inch diameter
Phillips Beard Brush
Phillips Beard Brush is compact, lightweight and constructed with 100% boar bristle. Great for home use or travel. 9 pc display available for easy retailing.
Phillips Breeze SP
First Fully Vented Cushion Brush, Polytipped Bristle, Square Paddle
Phillips Flexx Brush
Revolutionary design features a fully vented cushion that maximized air flow and cuts drying to in half.
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