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Light Elegance - #Glam Glitter Gel - 17ml
A very fine platinum gold that oozes glamour. The sexiest gold ever made.
Light Elegance - #GlitterMe Color Gel - 17ml
A rich, deep royal blue with fine blue glitters. P.S.ÑGo Cowboys!
Light Elegance - #OMG Glitter Gel, 17ml
OMG is the only proper reaction to this plummy pink backdrop with a spectacular silver sparkle.
Light Elegance - #Radiant Glitter Gel - 17ml
Radiant silver with fancy opalescent chunky glitters.
Light Elegance - A Couple Of Coconuts Glitter Gel - 17ml
Tiny silver and crystal glitter in a neutral beige pink base. A full-coverage soft and sweet glitter gel. UV/LED Glitter Gel,ÊA Couple of Coconuts , 17 ml Coverage:ÊOpaqueEffect:ÊGlitter
Light Elegance - A Lotto Gelato Color Gel - 17ml
This creamy gelato is a spring taupe. Yummy!
Light Elegance - A Perfect 10 Color Gel 17ml
A soft opaque pink with a hint of shimmer
Light Elegance - Ahoy There, Matey! ButterCream 5ml
Ahoy There, Matey! ButterCream Color Gel, 5.5 ml A soft cherry red. This is not a blue red, this is a warm red without any orange tone. The summer red that you’ve been waiting for. Coverage: Opaque Effect: Flat/Cream
Light Elegance - Airbond
AirBondis an air-dried product that acts as a bonding agent, preparing the nail-bed for the application of gel enhancements.
Light Elegance - Anchors Away ButterCream 5ml
Anchors Away ButterCream Color Gel, 5.5 ml Light creamy cobalt blue. A bright and happy blue with a touch of softness – a fabulous nautical blue perfect for sailing!   Coverage: Opaque Effect: Flat/Cream
Light Elegance - Bad Banana Glitter Gel - 17ml
An electric, neon-yellow glitter that is lightly sprinkled with flasher of amber throughout featuring great coverage!Ê UV/LED Glitter Gel, Bad Banana , 17 ml Coverage:ÊOpaqueEffect:ÊGlitter
Light Elegance - Be Mine Glitter Gel 17ml
Bright red that has full coverage
Light Elegance - Beachside In Belize Glitter Gel - 17ml
A pacific ocean dark blue with large jewel toned glitter scattered throughout.
Light Elegance - Bearded Lady Color Gel - 17ml
A true rich cream brown for the natural women!
Light Elegance - Bee In Your Bonnet Glitter Gel - 17ml
A light and sweet translucent and iridescent glitter. Perfect over any color.
Light Elegance - Belgium Blue Color Gel - 17ml
Rich and sophisticated! A dark blue with just the right amount of shimmer.
Light Elegance - Big Diamond Glitter Gel 17ml
Every girl's best friend. Big. Bold. Diamond.
Light Elegance - Bougie Babe Color Gel - 17ml
A dark, creamy plum for those that like to explore the dark, rich dimensions of purple. The perfect color to complete any bougie, sophisticated look. This color can be a bright purple with one coat or transform into the darker...
Light Elegance - Brrr! Berry Color Gel - 17ml
A rich creamy cranberry for a sophisticated manicure.
Light Elegance - Bumble Glitter Gel - 17ml
A chunky icebreaker blue laced with pretty pinks.
Light Elegance - Caramel Glitter Gel 17ml
Translucent with yellow and gold glitters
Light Elegance - Charming Cherry Color Gel 17ml
A luscious vibrant red-pink coral cream. This color leans more towards coral family. Bold, bright and charming for any look! Charming Cherry UV/LED Color Gel, 17 ml Coverage:ÊOpaqueEffect: Flat/Cream
Light Elegance - Cheers From Down Under Glitter Gel - 17ml
A two-toned glitter rose gold meets gold in this gorgeous chunky glitter.
Light Elegance - Cherry Cordial Color Gel - 17ml
A black cherry red with rich, luscious shimmer.
Light Elegance - Chillin' In Chile Color Gel - 17ml
A frosty mauve meets burgundy with this chill color.
Light Elegance - Cinnamon Glitter Gel 17ml
Orangey brown glitter with full coverage
Light Elegance - Cinnamon Sticks Color Gel - 17ml
A cranberry wine with a slight pink shimmer which makes for an elegant berry color. Cinnamon Sticks UV/LED Color Gel, 17 ml
Light Elegance - Clowning Around Glitter Gel - 17ml
Fun fuchsia dots mixed with playful and petite glitter. This is fun!
Light Elegance - Color Gel 2020 Fall Collection Spice (6pc)
This fall, styles are heating up with the all-new Spice Color & Glitter Gel collection by Light Elegance. Prepare your taste buds for exotic burnt oranges, rich browns, coppers and wines, all perfectly on-trend. Spice is inspired by the huge...
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