Light Elegance - #6 Gel Polish Bling Brush
Our most popular brush features a larger #6 size for fast, smooth application of LE Color Gels, LE Glitter Gels and Lexy Line products. Compatible with all gel products.
Light Elegance - #Glam Glitter Gel - 17ml
A very fine platinum gold that oozes glamour. The sexiest gold ever made.
Light Elegance - #GlitterMe Color Gel - 17ml
A rich, deep royal blue with fine blue glitters. P.S.ÑGo Cowboys!
Light Elegance - #OMG Glitter Gel, 17ml
OMG is the only proper reaction to this plummy pink backdrop with a spectacular silver sparkle.
Light Elegance - #Radiant Glitter Gel - 17ml
Radiant silver with fancy opalescent chunky glitters.
Light Elegance - A Couple Of Coconuts Glitter Gel - 17ml
Tiny silver and crystal glitter in a neutral beige pink base. A full-coverage soft and sweet glitter gel. UV/LED Glitter Gel,ÊA Couple of Coconuts , 17 ml Coverage:ÊOpaqueEffect:ÊGlitter
Light Elegance - A Lotto Gelato Color Gel - 17ml
This creamy gelato is a spring taupe. Yummy!
Light Elegance - A Perfect 10 Color Gel 17ml
A soft opaque pink with a hint of shimmer
Light Elegance - Ahoy There, Matey! ButterCream 5ml
Ahoy There, Matey! ButterCream Color Gel, 5.5 ml A soft cherry red. This is not a blue red, this is a warm red without any orange tone. The summer red that you’ve been waiting for. Coverage: Opaque Effect: Flat/Cream
Light Elegance - Airbond
AirBondis an air-dried product that acts as a bonding agent, preparing the nail-bed for the application of gel enhancements.
Light Elegance - Anchors Away ButterCream 5ml
Anchors Away ButterCream Color Gel, 5.5 ml Light creamy cobalt blue. A bright and happy blue with a touch of softness – a fabulous nautical blue perfect for sailing!   Coverage: Opaque Effect: Flat/Cream
Light Elegance - Bad Banana Glitter Gel - 17ml
An electric, neon-yellow glitter that is lightly sprinkled with flasher of amber throughout featuring great coverage!Ê UV/LED Glitter Gel, Bad Banana , 17 ml Coverage:ÊOpaqueEffect:ÊGlitter
Light Elegance - Be Mine Glitter Gel 17ml
Bright red that has full coverage
Light Elegance - Beachside In Belize Glitter Gel - 17ml
A pacific ocean dark blue with large jewel toned glitter scattered throughout.
Light Elegance - Bearded Lady Color Gel - 17ml
A true rich cream brown for the natural women!
Light Elegance - Beautiful & Bold Butter Cream - 5ml
A bright warm cream magenta. She is truly bold & beautiful.
Light Elegance - Bee In Your Bonnet Glitter Gel - 17ml
A light and sweet translucent and iridescent glitter. Perfect over any color.
Light Elegance - Belgium Blue Color Gel - 17ml
Rich and sophisticated! A dark blue with just the right amount of shimmer.
Light Elegance - Big Diamond Glitter Gel 17ml
Every girl's best friend. Big. Bold. Diamond.
Light Elegance - Big Wipes - 360 ct
LEpro Big Wipes are lint-free and designed to cover your table. They will never stick to your file, either. 50 ct.
Light Elegance - Block Celina Ryden Art Brush
He might be short, but don't judge him by the size! He is perfect for filling in larger patches, creating marble effects and even precise color line application.
Light Elegance - Boss Lady Butter Cream - 5ml
A bold pink mauve that will sure to take charge.
Light Elegance - Bougie Babe Color Gel - 17ml
A dark, creamy plum for those that like to explore the dark, rich dimensions of purple. The perfect color to complete any bougie, sophisticated look. This color can be a bright purple with one coat or transform into the darker...
Light Elegance - Brrr! Berry Color Gel - 17ml
A rich creamy cranberry for a sophisticated manicure.
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