KUPA Sanding Bands (100pk)

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FINE MANIPro Premium Sanding Bands - 240 grit - 1/4in. Diameter (Box 100 pcs.)

MEDIUM MANIPro Premium Sanding Bands - 150 grit - 1/4in. Diameter (Box 100 pcs.)

COARSE MANIPro Premium Sanding Bands - 80 grit - 1/4in. Diameter (Box 100 pcs.)

X-COARSE MANIPro Premium Sanding Bands - 60 grit - 1/4in. Diameter (Box 100 pcs.)


Manufactured in the U.S.A. to Japanese standards. MANIPro sanding bands come in a handy 100 pc. dispenser pack and are barrel shaped with cloth inner sleeves that allow them to be used in wet environments. When used in combination with our New EASY-OFF Mandrel the bands hold firm while in use but are easily removed. Excellent for use in both manicure and pedicure service. NOTE: Sanding bands are designed for single use only and cannot be disinfected.

*Item packaging may very depending on the latest style of box, the box will always feature the 100 pc. dispenser pack.

KUPA Sanding Bands (100pk)
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