Nutri-Ox 3c Treatment - 4oz

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Now with 100% More Biotin & Vitamin B6.
30 Day Supply.

An ultra-concentrated, highly intensive leave-in treatment that encourages healthy hair growth. Maximizes the potential for healthy, strong, fuller looking hair when used according to the instructions. Delivers nourishment and oxygen to the root of the hair shaft.

why is it different?

The strongest of the Nutri-Ox treatments, this product contains patented Pro-Oxiden HG™ to encourage healthy hair growth. Formulated with a special blend of Biotin, Vitamin A and Coix Extract for healthy hair and scalp. Contains a vasodilator, Benzyl Nicotinate, known to encourage scalp micro-circulation, in combination with a blend of known DHT inhibitors and vital nutrients. Thicker, Fuller-Looking Hair in just one Week.*

*when used with Nutri-Ox shampoo and conditioner

Vasodilator - Temporarily expands or dilates blood vessels, causing a warming, tingling sensation and may cause temporary redness.

who is it for?

Nutri-Ox Treatment for Extremely Thin is ideal for fine, normal and chemically-treated hair that is in the most extreme stages of thinning hair and hair loss.

how to use it?

Apply twice daily, approximately 12 hours apart after shampooing and towel drying hair, or when scalp is dry. Place sprayer directly on scalp and spray evenly 10 times. Massage into scalp and do not rinse.

Nutri-Ox 3c Treatment - 4oz
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