Light Elegance - A Jog With My Dog ButterCream 5ml
A rusty-red, fiery-gold shimmer! This brown-meets-red is sophisticated with its beautiful gold shimmer throughout, both playful and professional. A Jog with My Dog ButterCream color gel, 5 ml Coverage: OpaqueEffect: Shimmer
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Light Elegance - Central Park Stroll ButterCream 5ml *DISC*
A muddled teal with a creamy grey undertone. Central Park Stroll is not too green, not too blue, but instead the perfect teal neutral—sophisticated and sexy. Central Park Stroll ButterCream color gel, 5 ml Coverage: OpaqueEffect: Cream
Light Elegance - Manhattan Mauve ButterCream 5ml
A muddled pink mauve neutral. This creamy mauve is not subtle—it is a stand-out rosy-brown that will be a stylish staple with your clients. Manhattan Mauve ButterCream color gel, 5 ml Coverage: OpaqueEffect: Cream
Light Elegance - Bundle Up Blue ButterCream 5ml
Is it black or is it blue? This is a deep, dark navy blue that almost looks black with incredible depth thanks to the blue undertones. This creamy blue is dark and dramatic. Bundle Up Blue ButterCream color gel, 5 ml...
Light Elegance - Mad About Plaid ButterCream 5ml
A perfect fall raspberry! This red raspberry is laced with a subtle pink shimmer throughout. The combination of color and shimmer make for a rich, dramatic Fall red that is sure to complement your style. Mad About Plaid ButterCream color gel,...
Light Elegance - Rendezvous With You ButterCream 5ml
This rich plum is mixed with tiny pieces of fuchsia sparkles. The sparkles add a touch of brightness to this dark and luscious color making it wearable with a wide variety of looks. Rendezvous with You ButterCream color gel, 5 ml...
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