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Marianna 70% Isoproyl Alcohol
$3.50 from $2.87
Star Cuticle Oil
$5.50 $4.99
Star Cuticle Oil
Aromatherapy Cuticle OilsNourishes cuticles and nails with vitamin-rich blends. Very light and non-greasy.
$5.50 $4.99
Light Elegance Nail Forms - 300pk
Aluminum Foil Forms, 300 count roll Aluminum Foil Forms, 300 count roll
Opi Absolute Liquid Monomer
The new Absolute Acrylic Monomer has been reformulated to provide greater ease of use and lift-free results. Additionally, you will notice an improved consistency and slightly less odor. Notable key attributes include: • Easier to achieve the 2:1 ratio of...
from $9.95
IBD 5 Second Brush-On Nail Glue 6g
Easy brush-on application. Perfect for natural nails, artificial nails, and tips. Fast drying, durable and more moisture resistant than any other adhesive.   SKU 54006
Tammy Taylor Xtra Adhesion Nail Liquid
Can be used with all of the Tammy Taylor Nail Powders, including Prizma.   Xtra Adhesion is great for when clients need an extra boost in the nail liquid, to help adhesion and eliminate lifting.
from $59.95
OPI Bond Aid
from $7.95
OPI Bond Aid
See acrylic nails reinvented with Bond Aid Ph Balancing Agent from Powder Perfection! An essential first step in chemical preparation Brings the surface of the natural nail to the proper pH for optimum adhesion of gels, acrylics, nail adhesives, tips,...
from $7.95
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Light Elegance - Sangria Glitter Gel - 17ml
A mixture of sizes in pearl glitter in the colors of Caribbean blue, hot pink, chartreuse and bright red create a bright and unique look. Apply over any LE color for a graffiti-like look allowing for no limit of fun...
Light Elegance - A Couple Of Coconuts Glitter Gel - 17ml
Tiny silver and crystal glitter in a neutral beige pink base. A full-coverage soft and sweet glitter gel. UV/LED Glitter Gel,ÊA Couple of Coconuts , 17 ml Coverage:ÊOpaqueEffect:ÊGlitter
Light Elegance - Desert Dreams Collection (6pk)
Inspired by the Arizona desert and the rainbow of beautiful colors the landscape provides, the new Desert Dreams ButterCream collection embraces natural desert shades and their power to inspire us.  This spring, complete your look the natural way with six rich new...
Light Elegance - Jimmy Gel
The latest revolutionary gel from Light Elegance has arrived, and JimmyGel promises to change salon services everywhere.  Formulated by and named after Light Elegance owner and head chemist, Jim McConnell, JimmyGel is a soak-off building gel in a bottle that...
Star Glass Dappen Dish
This sturdy glass dappen dish is great for dispensing proper ratio of acrylic powder, acrylic liquid and acetone with an acrylic brush.
Light Elegance - Super Shiny
Super Shiny is a UV/LED-cured gel used as a top coat for fingernail enhancements that cures to a high shine and gives the fingernail a polished, finished appearance. Enjoy weeks of durability and shine that lasts and lasts. PRODUCT BENEFITS...
from $14.95
OPI Nail Strengthener (NTT60)
Builds in layers of protection to help natural nails grow strong. OPI Natural Nail Strengthener can be used under any Nail Lacquer shade. Acts as a protective barrier between the nail & color to prevent discoloration on natural nails
OPI Nail Envy - Original (NTT80)
Weak, damaged nails are no match for OPI Nail Envy! Provides maximum strengthening with hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium for harder, longer, stronger, natural nails to envy.   Provides maximum strengthening with hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium for harder, longer,...
$8.95 $7.16
No Lift Nails Primer - .75oz
No Lift Nails Primer is the best acrylic nail primer available for the prevention of lifting. When we started 35 years ago we were the first full strength nail primer on the market. The nail technicians found that by using this...
Star Starlite Gel
This product is formulated to cure with UV lamps only. It is not formulated to cure with LED lamps.
from $19.95
EzFlow TruGel SPF-U
$8.95 $7.95
Light Elegance - Bad Banana Glitter Gel - 17ml
An electric, neon-yellow glitter that is lightly sprinkled with flasher of amber throughout featuring great coverage!Ê UV/LED Glitter Gel, Bad Banana , 17 ml Coverage:ÊOpaqueEffect:ÊGlitter
Light Elegance - Kiwi To My Heart Glitter Gel - 17ml
A lime green glitter gel that is sprinkled with chartreuse popping glitter.Ê UV/LED Glitter Gel, Kiwi to My Heart, 17 ml Coverage:ÊTransparent/SheerEffect:ÊGlitter
Light Elegance - Fruit Snacks Glitter Gel - 17ml
A hot-pink foundation is the perfect background for these flashes of amber. Flashes of amber and pink glitter twinkle throughout this neon glitter gel. UV/LED Glitter Gel, Fruit SnacksÊ, 17 ml Coverage:ÊOpaqueEffect:ÊGlitter
Light Elegance - Devil Wears Guava Color Gel 17ml
A guava pink with bronzed shimmer throughout. The light captures this bronze shimmer and makes this pink truly dance. Devil Wears GuavaÊUV/LED Color Gel, 17 ml Coverage:ÊOpaqueEffect:ÊShimmer
Light Elegance - Sublime Lime Color Gel 17ml
An electric green mixed with bright white makes for a fun pastel neon that truly pops. Sublime Lime UV/LED Color Gel, 17 ml Coverage:ÊOpaqueEffect:ÊShimmer
Light Elegance - Strawberries & Cream Color Gel 17ml
A soft and sweet baby pink with a touch of elegant shimmer. Strawberries & Cream UV/LED Color Gel, 17 ml Coverage:ÊOpaqueEffect:ÊShimmer
Light Elegance - Dragonfruit Color Gel 17ml
A translucent, hot watermelon pink with an elegant touch of shimmer. Perfect for adding a water color effect to your style. Ê Dragonfruit UV/LED Color Gel, 17 ml Coverage:ÊOpaqueEffect:ÊShimmer
Light Elegance - Camel, One Hump or Two?
A creamy terracotta coral that pulls just a hint of brown. The coral color is subdued enough to be a perfect match for all skin tones, and the highly opaque coverage makes it as easy to apply as it is...
Light Elegance - Just A Mirage Butter Cream (5ml)
A deep, luscious periwinkle cream with a bit of warmth to it. Not too purple, not too blue, this shade is a complex mirage of color great for accents, overlays and adding contrast to your look.
Light Elegance - Cactus Bloom Butter Cream (5ml)
This medium green falls perfectly between a Kelly green and a jade. Not purple, not pastel, this creamy shade is very wearable and complements a variety of colors and looks.
Star Natural Nail Dehydrator - 1oz
Dehydrates the natural nail surface and balances the pH for maximum adhesion of acrylics, tips, polish and glue.
Light Elegance - You Grow Girl Color Gel Gel - 17ml
This lavender is packed with color-shift shimmers that add dimension and complexity to the shade. It reflects blues, pinks and greens depending on how the light hits it, and weÕre sure that it will grow on you!Ê
Light Elegance - Woody Glitter Gel - 17ml
A total tangerine with a slice of lemon. This one has an extra POP!
Light Elegance - What In Carnations Color Gel Gel - 17ml
A true carnation pink with opaque coverage. This soft, creamy pink is a timeless shade and a must-have addition to any color collection.Ê
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Light Elegance - Udder Perfection Butter Cream - 5ml
The color of a creamy vanilla latte.
Light Elegance - Tipsy Two-Step Glitter Gel - 17ml
A matte and shiny glitter dance with a fiery flash of peach.
Light Elegance - Tie-One-On In Taiwan Color Gel - 17ml
A shimmer black green that is rich and dramatic.
Light Elegance - Talk Dirt To Me Color Gel Gel - 17ml
A bone-white, neutral shade with opaque coverage. This shade looks perfect on any skin tone and is easy to wear for a neutral, clean look. DonÕt let the name fool you!Ê
Light Elegance - Swirly Celina Ryden Art Brush
BA004 He makes swirls and long strokes feel like a walk in the park.
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