Feather Nape Blade - 10pk
The Feather Nape Blade is honed and grounded to create a very sharp edge. The blade features a mesh guard wrapped around the cutting edge to prevent the blade from cutting into the skin. This guard allows hairdressers to use...
$10.95 $9.95
Voglia Shaving Gel 5.9oz
Prevents irritation, allowing an easy and perfect shave. Leaving a soft feeling and without re-drying.
Woodys Shave Relief Balm (6oz)
Instantly restores moisture balance as it soothes and calms the skin. The cool blast leaves the skin refreshed and the face ready for what comes next. Our light, non-greasy Soothing Post Shave Balm is the perfect finish to the perfect...
Lucky Tiger Aspen After Shave (16oz)
Want to be instantly cool? Done! With this refreshing, toning and cooling after shave you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using this ever since you were old enough to shave. Combine a truly masculine scent that delivers a fresh spicy...
Clubman Nick Safe Styptic Powder 0.25oz
 Stops bleeding caused by surface cuts and abrasions that may occur during shaving.
Feather Blade Disposal Case
The Feather Blade Disposal Case allows for easy and safe disposal of used Feather blades. Simply place the razor head inside the slot and pull the razor towards you, releasing the used blade into the case so that you never...
Body Toolz Woodsy Straight Razor
Perfectly Balanced Stainless Steel Razor. Hollow Ground Blade. Length 5.5 5/8 Round. Shave Ready. Includes Black Leatherette Case
Body Toolz Vintage Safety Razor CS5500
Want a close shave our Vintage Safety Razor gives you that close, smooth shave every time. Traditional Double-Edge Razor. Balanced for proper maneuverabilty. Crisscross tooling pattern on the handle for excellent grip when razor is wet. Perfect blade angle for...
Body Toolz Straight Razor BT3466
High quality straight razor. Length 5.5 5/8 Round Point
Scalpmaster Classic Safety Razor (SC-7000)
Provides a smooth, close shave without irritation. Double-edged stainless steel blade design. Head of razor easily opens to replace blade. Non-slip grip handle. Includes 5 replacement blades.    
American Crew Revitalizing Toner - 5.1oz
Soothes skin after shaving. Tones and refreshes just-shaved skin. Calms irritation produced by shaving. Moisturizes irritated areas and closes the pores providing freshness and relief. Aloe Vera: Provides relief to irritated skin. Allantoin: Gives surface of the skin a smoother,...
American Crew Moisturizing Shave Cream - 5.1oz
Moisturizing non-drying cream for a close shave. Non-foaming cream creates a protective barrier on your skin ensuring the razor glide without drying the skin. Emollients provide maximum protection and conditioning for skin that requires extra moisture. Helpful for men who...
Voglia After Shave Lotion 6.3oz
Experience the freshness and softness of your skin after shaving. Our lotion leaves a pleasant sensation, calming the irritation. BALANCE, HYDRATION AND SOFTENNESS AFTER SHAVING Enriched with hydrolyzed barley protein.
Woodys Shave Lather (6oz)
MOISTURIZING SHAVE CREAM Radical new shave technology transforms our moisturizing shave cream into a rich, luxurious, self lathering cream which thinks it's an aerosol foam. You'll instantly see and feel the difference. Your beard is in the perfect position for...
Woodys Shave Butter (6oz)
Woody's Shave Butter is a moisture rich formula with Shea and Cocoa Butter to hydrate skin, soften whiskers and set the beard for the closest, cleanest, most comfortable shave you've ever experienced. It's nourishing, buttery blend contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin...
Woodys After Shave Tonic (6.3oz)
Instantly cools and soothes razor burn and irritated skin. More than just an after shave, but a tonic to help repair, refresh and revitalize the face after shaving. Monoi Oil to soothe with Calendula and Chamomile to revitalize and refresh...
Shaving Factory Disposable Styptic Pencils (24pk)
24 packs of 20 disposable styptic pencils.
Scalpmaster Lather Time (LATHER-M)
Features a push button for easy dispensing, an extra large soap cup for an all day supply and a long lasting DC motor. Creates a hot lather. Also includes a non-slip safety pad, a cleaning brush and an 8 oz....
$217.99 $177.99
Pinaud Musk After Shave Cologne - 6oz
• A mysteriously masculine musk fragrance.
Pinaud Lime Sec Cologne - 12.5oz
• A zesty green noted fragrance with a hint of lime.
Pinaud Citrus Musk Cologne - 12.5oz
• A refreshing fragrance blended with a hint of woods, musk and tonka
Jatai Trio Shaving Set
Working with barbers, we've discovered that traditional barbering shaves include great skin care regimens. JATAI has formulated the perfect skin care products for achieving the perfect shave. Step 1) Use JATAI Daily Facial Cleanser. Step 2) Use JATAI Shaving Cream....
Jatai Shaving Cream - 2oz
The Jatai Professional Shaving Cream is a part of our men's facial grooming series inspired by traditional barbering to promote healthy skin and hair. There's no blade buildup, it's easy to rinse off, it saves time and extends the life...
Marvy 923 Shaving Brush
Marvy’s Retail Brush. Natural Bristle. Plastic Handle. Six Individual Window Packages in Display Carton.
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