Body Toolz 5 1/2" Barrel Spring Toenail Clippers BT6030
Professional Barrel Spring Toenail Clipper Powerful, 5-1/2" barrel spring action for precise cutting. This clipper is preferred by podiatrist and pedicurist. It is extremely sharp and is used to cut the most stubborn toenails. Slightly curved tip for nail borders. ...
Body Toolz 4" Toenail Clipper BT6040
Professional Curved Toenail Clipper Cut The Thickest Nails This 4" toenail clipper cut the toughest nail precisely and easily. Sure-grip handle avoids slipping. Extremely sharp blades. Stainless steel. Slightly curved tip for nail borders.
Body Toolz Ingrown Clipper - 4 1/2" (BT8098)
PROFESSIONAL INGROWN TOENAIL CLIPPER Heavy duty blades for undercutting the corners of the toenails. Box joint, straight blades, double spring for removing ingrown toenails. The slender blades allow you to reach the under curled toenails. Extremely Sharp Use for removing...
Body Toolz Springless Toenail Clipper Straight Blade (BT6081)
SPRINGLESS TOENAIL CLIPPER Stainless Steel 5" Long Straight Blades Opens Wide for Easy Cutting of Toenails Extremely Sharp With Sure Grip Handles Springless for Comfort and Control Slightly curved tip for nail borders.
Satin Edge Curved Toenail Clippers - 24pk (SE-2140)
24 toenail clippers with a curved blade. Display measures 5-1/4" x 3-1/4". Each toenail clipper measures 3-1/4" long.
Body Toolz Toenail Clipper - 5 1/2" BT6000
5-1/2" toe nail clipper is preferred by podiatrist, pedicurist and manicurists
Body Toolz Podiatrist Clipper BT6010
5 1/2" Podiatrist Toenail clipper enables you to cut someone else's toenails or your own nails with ease.
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