ColorTrak Lava Brush
The Lava Brush is a statement piece, carefully crafted to be admired by all. With a fun, blast-from-the-past design that is attributed to color, exotic patterns, and artistic freedom, this tool is sure to spark the interest of inquisitive minds....
Product Club Feather Bristle Color Brush
  Ideal for balayage, highlights and color melts, soft, feathered bristles easily sweep across the hair and gently blend for seamless, natural-looking results. Tapered edges evenly interweave lightener between the hair strands for maximum saturation. Long, sleek handle offers precision...
3 Piece Dye Brush Set (GR125)
T3-piece Hair Color Application Brush Set featuring durable plastic brushes in an assortment of sizes and styles. Brushes are designed to apply hair color and distribute it evenly. Tapered handles have pointed tips for sectioning hair. Set includes 1 -...
Soft N Style 3pk Translucent Tint Brush Set (887)
2" wide, translucent dye brush set in pink, purple and blue.
Product Club Color Brush Variety Pack 3pk
Set of three brushes in a metallic silver finish is a must-have for every colorist's collection. Includes: Ergo Brush For added comfort and reduced hand and wrist strain 2-in-1 Color Brush A dual-purpose tool for sectioning, painting, and folding Precision...
Product Club Feather Bristle Brushes 2pk
  Soft, feathered bristles easily sweep across hair and gently blend out product for seamless, natural-looking results. Tapered edges evenly interweave lightener between hair strands for maximum saturation. Long, sleek handle allows for increased movement and control. Every professional colorists'...
Product Club Feather Bristle Color Brush Set
  A complete collection of six bestselling feather bristle brushes. Includes: Original Feather For seamless blending Extra Wide For large sections of hair Balayage For precise placement Precision For intricate detail work 2-in-1 For sectioning and painting Ergo For added...
ColorTrak Ultra Color Brush (6032)
2" Wide base allows for even coverage at the roots Short firm bristles
ColorTrak Pop Kiss Tint Brush 2pk
This Dynamic Firm Bristle Brush Duo is sure to stand out amongst every other brush in your collection.  Make work days fun with this two pack of vibrant firm bristle brushes! #7059
Product Club 2-in-1 Brush - Red
An essential, dual-purpose tool for every colorist's collection. Quickly and easily section, paint, and foil with just one convenient brush. One side features firm nylon bristles that are ideal for all color and lightener applications, while the long, metal pin...
Soft N Style 3pc Rubber Color Applicator Set (889) - 3pk
Rubber color applicator set is chemical resistant, soft and flexible. Provides even application of product. Includes 3 different sizes; 1", 1-1/2" & 2".
Cricket Free Form Dimensional Brush
Multi-level bristles for custom dimensional highlights and coloring Pure Bristle Perfection The key to great coloring brushes are the bristles. Color Cocktail Brush bristles are firm enough to distribute color and soft enough for client comfort. Designed to be durable...
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