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Celebrity Hair Tool Organizer w/Base (9048)
Stylish Modern Tool Holder 
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Celebrity Rachel Manikin (D451)
24"-26" Blonde. 100% Hand implanted human hair with vinyl head and facial make-up. Unique contoured base allows you to put on table top or holder
Celebrity Styrofoam Wig Head (STYROHEAD-2)
Great for styling practice, displaying, and storing wigs without damaging or tangling. Measures 11"H and has a 21" circumference.
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Celebrity Samantha Shoulder Manikin (SAM-4)
Competition manikin with pierced ears. 100% human hair, natural 23" blonde hair and natural neck. Perfect for competitions.
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Celebrity Jake Manikin (658)
18" brown hair. Great for practicing barbering techniques, clipper cuts, fading, flat-topping and layering.
Celebrity Deluxe Debra Manikin (DLX804)
00% human hair manikin has more hair for more styling possibilities. Features 18"-20" of full brown hair and facial make-up. Greater density of hair.
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Celebrity Debra Manikin (D804)
17"-19" Brown. 100% Hand-implanted human hair with vinyl head and facial make-up.
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