Feather Nape Blade - 10pk
The Feather Nape Blade is honed and grounded to create a very sharp edge. The blade features a mesh guard wrapped around the cutting edge to prevent the blade from cutting into the skin. This guard allows hairdressers to use...
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Feather Blades Bonus Value Pack w/free Disposal Case - 30pk
FEATHER® has set the standard in manufacturing the sharpest and safest razor cutting blades in the industry. The cutting edge of the FEATHER® blade is designed to give you the cutting control you need to be creative. The blade fits...
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Feather Nape Value Pack - 30pk
Includes 30 Feather Nape Blades and 2oz. JATAI Blade Glide Shaving Lotion Perfect for shaving the neckline, sideburns, eyebrows and bikini line. Great for facial outlining Replaceable guarded blades maintain sanitation standards between clients Guarded blades protect you and your...
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