Clean + Easy Cleanse - Pre Wax Cleanser - 16oz
A pre-wax cleanser that removes any traces of oils, make-up and perspiration from the skin's surface. An essential pre-treatment product for effective waxing.
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Clean + Easy Numb - Anesthetic Numbing Solution - 4oz
clean + easy Numb Antiseptic Lotion is an instant pain relieving solution for use before waxing. It contains soothing chamomile extract that has a calming sensation. Also formulated with Benzocaine to desensitize and numb the skin. Can be used on...
Satin Smooth Satin Cleanser Skin Preparation Cleanser 16oz
Pre-depilatory cleansing ensure hygienic waxing. Formulated with Glycerin to help prop hairs up for better hair removal.  814213
Clean + Easy Soothe - Aloe Vera Gel - 16oz
An Aloe Vera Gel with Allantoin that instantly cools, soothes and helps reduce irritated or reddened skin associated with waxing. Also great to use after your skin has been exposed to the sun.
Clean + Easy Calm - Azulene Oil - 2oz
Calm Azulene Oil is the perfect skin conditioner with active ingredients chamomile, allantoin, vitamin e and aloe vera. Azulene oil helps calm and soothe reddened skin associated with waxing and shaving while promoting softer, healthier skin. Use after waxing to...
Clean + Easy Remove - After Wax Remover
Remove after wax remover is an emollient rich wheat germ oil that removes any trace of wax remaining on the skin. This post-wax cleanser can also be used to clean wax roller heads and wax warmers. Effective with all types...
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Satin Smooth Satin Hydrate Skin Nourisher 16oz
Satin Smooth's Satin Hydrate is a post-depilatory skin nourisher that restores the skin’s natural balance by deeply moisturizing skin.   814215
Satin Smooth Satin Release Wax Residue Remover 16oz
Satin Smooth's Satin Release is a Wax Residue Remover Oil is a post-depilatory cleansing oil for removing wax residue or for dry skin.  814217
GiGi Pre Hon Cleanser 8oz
GiGi Pre Hon is formulated to cleanse the skin of make-up, deodorants and body oils, and its special cleansing ingredients help protect skin from irritation. GiGi Pre Hon is the first step for effective hair removal. Formulated to cleanse the skin...
Clean + Easy Prep - Pre-Epilation Oil - 5oz
An essential companion for hard wax application, Prep Pre-Epilation Oil prepares the skin for wax application and makes the removal of hard wax easier and more effective. Prep Pre-Epilation Oil helps wax adhere to the hairs and not the skin.
GiGi Post Wax Cooling Gel
GiGi Post Wax Cooling Gel is a clear gel containing Menthol to cool the skin, Cucumber Extract to soothe skin, and Aloe Vera & Glycerin to naturally nourish and moisturize.   GiGi Post Wax Cooling Gel is a clear gel...
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Clean + Easy Restore - Dermal Therapy Lotion
A remarkable formula with Squalane, Shea Butter and Allantoin and other botanicals to help soothe, condition and protect the skin. Ideal to use after hair removal services and as a massage lotion before and after paraffin dips.
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