Loreal Effasol
DyzOff Pads
Roux Clean Touch Stain Remover
Eliminate hair color stains from skin and scalp with Roux Clean Touch Haircolor Stain Remover. Our best-selling, gentle stain-removing formula also quickly erases excess color from hair ends, giving you clean, professional results. Quickly & gently erases stains from skin...
from $6.50
PowerTools TCS - The Color Stain Remover 10oz
The Color Stain Remover, TCS, is a technologically advanced all natural barrier cream used before applying hair color to protect the hairline from staining.  This dual-purpose formula can also be used afterwards to remove excess color from skin, clothing, equipment, work...
$10.95 $8.95
Colortrak Repelle Haircolor Stain Shield
Up to 30 uses for our Salon-sized .50 oz canister, or up to 10 uses from our .15 oz mini stick Protect your clients from hair color stains Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, making it safe and easy to use from client...
from $9.25
Powertools COS Color Out System
COS is a technology that is the safest and most effective way to remove undesirable hair color. In just 20 minutes, COS corrects and removes the color by shrinking the dye molecules, allowing it to be simply washed out of...
Color Off Professional Color Remover 12oz
Perfect for removing stains on skin or excess color build up on porous ends.
Loreal Colorzap Haircolor Remover
Colorzap removes all unwanted permanent haircoloring and leaves hair ready for a new shade application. Colorzap is ideal for all color corrections and will allow you to make any desired color changes.   Colorzap will not restore hair to its original, natural...
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