Color Trak Black Vinyl Gloves
Single-use, latex-free vinyl gloves are ideal for protecting hands during color processing Powder free ambidextrous design is available in four sizes for a custom fit Available in flat black to hide stains for a professional, clean look Each box contains...
ColorTrak Processing Caps
Clear processing caps Convenient professional pack sizes for perms, conditioners and color, designed for a variety of hair types Bouffant style caps with elastic trim Color: Clear
from $9.99
Color Trak X Marks The Spot Tipping Caps
This is the original “X-marks-the-spot” cap! Our criss-cross grid and highlighting needle make highlighting, frosting and all-over dimensional color easy.  Same quality you have trusted for years Lined cap helps to minimize color bleeding Pull-out visor protects face Features the Protecto...
from $19.95
Color Trak Disposable Highlighting Caps - 24pk
Tipping caps are a timeless favorite for fast, easy highlighting. Our Disposable Highlighting Caps are perfect for speed weaving, rapid highlights and dimensional color applications. Compare to Sunglitz Speed Weaving Caps. Each pack brings 24 grid star pattern tipping caps, and 1...
Color Trak Wipe Off Color Remover
3" x 5" Pre-moistened towelettes Easily removes hair color stains from skin Infused with aloe to prevent irritation Available: 50ct, 100ct & 36ct Display (Individually Wrapped)
from $9.99
Color Trak Silver Pop Up Foil (500pk-Square)
5” x 10.75” sheets 500pk Includes an easy, mess-free pop-up dispenser box Each sheet is embossed with a non-slip texture Texture and thickness are optimal for advanced foilayage and balayage techniques, color saturation, and lightening! It's like having an assistant...
$12.99 $11.49
ColorTrak Purple/Silver Double Foil - 400pk
Color in style with our purple and silver pop-up foil sheets! Each pop-up dispenser box comes with 400 pre-cut 5” x 10.75” sheets.  Featuring: Pre-cut, ready to use interfolded foil sheets Non-slip texture Efficient, space-saving pop-up dispenser box Dual compartments...
Betty Dain Croc Clips - Black (4pk)
Black Croc Clips have a rubberized finish prevents slippage Ergonomic thumb-grip Unique double-hinged design Stain-resistant 4.5" Length Colors Available: Black
Colortrak Repelle Haircolor Stain Shield
Up to 30 uses for our Salon-sized .50 oz canister, or up to 10 uses from our .15 oz mini stick Protect your clients from hair color stains Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, making it safe and easy to use from client...
$9.95 from $7.46
Color Trak Silver Pop Up Foil (500pk) 9" X 10.75"
Wider Foil = Faster Color!  Fly through balayages, full highlights, and hand-painted color with our latest addition to the Colortrak line of foils.  More width means a wider canvas for your favorite color techniques, and less time sectioning and stacking...
Color Trak Ear Protector Caps - 24pk
Protect your client's ears and prevent a mess with these convenient, disposable ear protectors. They fit snuggly over most ear shapes and sizes, so you can focus on what matters most– hair!
ColorTrak Silver Pop Up Foil 1000pk - 5" x 10.75"
Choose between a 1000 pre-cut, ready-to-use interfolded hair foil sheets. Texture and thickness are optimal for advanced foilayage and balayage techniques, color saturation, and lightening! It's like having an assistant cut foils for you.  1000 5” x 10.75” sheets Embossed...
Colortrak Glam Kit
Glam kit includes: Wide feather bristle tint brush, 10oz pattern spray bottle, reversible chemical proof cape. 45" x 58", snap closure
Color Trak Station Mat
This silicone mat is perfect for protecting your stylist tray from spills and heat damage!  9" by 11" silicone mat Raised squares help prevent tools from falling Protects up to 430˚ F, 220˚ C Note: though silicone has weak heat transfer properties, it is not...
Color Trak Professional Balayage Film
Our cling-free film is a must-have for complex vivids, oil slick, and rainbow techniques. Whenever you need to see your color process, layer by layer, our hair coloring film is the perfect foil alternative. Salon professionals who specialize in fantasy...
ColorTrak Foil Dispenser
Choose the perfect length for your clients with this handy cur and fold foil dispenser.
Colortrak Balayage Board
This professional balayage tool set includes: 1 balayage / freehand coloring board 1 freehand coloring brush
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