Jatai Blade Glide Plus 8oz
A HAIR CUTTER’S CROWNING GLORY! It’s not often that a professional product comes along that is beyond valuable to a stylist on so many levels. Blade Glide is the incredible all-star choice you’ll be reaching for once you discover its...
Fuji Perfect Paper Self-Dispensing Box (500 Sheets)
  Self-dispensing box containing 500 sheets The best end papers for permanent curls and body waves Helps color processing and improves the outcomes for better grey coverage Pre-folded sheets save time and money. As paper is pulled a new one...
Jatai Trio Shaving Set
Working with barbers, we've discovered that traditional barbering shaves include great skin care regimens. JATAI has formulated the perfect skin care products for achieving the perfect shave. Step 1) Use JATAI Daily Facial Cleanser. Step 2) Use JATAI Shaving Cream....
Jatai Shaving Cream - 2oz
The Jatai Professional Shaving Cream is a part of our men's facial grooming series inspired by traditional barbering to promote healthy skin and hair. There's no blade buildup, it's easy to rinse off, it saves time and extends the life...
Jatai Daily Facial Cleanser - 2oz
JATAI daily Facial Cleanser removes impurities, preps skin for a perfect shave and balances skin pH, keeping skin healthier. Use with JATAI Shaving Cream and Daily Facial Moisturizer.
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