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Fuji Perfect Paper Self-Dispensing Box (500 Sheets)
  Self-dispensing box containing 500 sheets The best end papers for permanent curls and body waves Helps color processing and improves the outcomes for better grey coverage Pre-folded sheets save time and money. As paper is pulled a new one...
Feather Artist Club DX Folding Pearl-White Razor
BEAUTY AND BARBER PROS SET SIGHT ON THE PEARL WHITE! This striking pearl white-handled folding razor represents the ultimate in replaceable blade shaving and uses 5 different blades to achieve a superior smooth shave. The glistening pearl white folding handle...
Feather Artist Club DX Wood Razor
GO FOR THE GOLD IN REPLACEABLE BLADE SHAVING RAZORS! Barbers consider this the industry’s gold standard in razor shaving, using 5 different blades to achieve a superior smooth shave. The beautiful lightweight wood folding handle design plus SUS316 stainless steel...
Feather Artist Club SR Straight Razor
POWER UP WITH ‘SR STRAIGHT’ FOR SHAVING THICK FACIAL HAIR! It’s the best of both worlds made easy — for shaving thick facial hair and leaving soft skin results. The new Feather Artist Club SR Straight Razor is the powerful...
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Feather Artist Club SS Straight Razor - Black
EXPLORE THE WORLD OF FEATHER STRAIGHT HANDLE SHAVING RAZORS! It’s all part of experiencing the ultimate replaceable blade shaving razors from the Feather series (uses 5 different blades). The beautiful straight handle design, optimal blade exposure and the SUS317 stainless...
Feather Artist Club SS Scotch Wood Razor
ROUND-TIP SS RAZORS MEAN LESS DAMAGE! Part of the Feather series of ultimate replaceable blade shaving razors (uses 5 different blades), the SS Scotch Wood Razor features a rounded shaving head and optimal blade exposure to provide a smooth shaving...
Feather Artist Club SS Folding Razor
ENJOY THE FINER SIDE OF FEATHER FOLDING SHAVING RAZORS! The FEATHER Artist Club SS Folding Razors represent the ultimate replaceable blade shaving razors in the industry today. Favored traditions merge with modern technology and world-respected craftsmanship from Japan to offer...
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Feather Artist Club SR Folding Razor - Black
 EXPERIENCE THE POWER PLUS OF THE NEWEST FEATHER FOLDING SHAVING RAZOR! Now, shaving thick facial hair leaving a soft feel on the skin is made easy with the powerful new Feather Artist Club SR Folding Razor. These superior results have...
Jatai Teasing Pin Comb
ONE GREAT COMB – ONE GREAT LOOK FOR ANY OCCASION! Get ready to change up your hairstyle for any occasion with the ultimate comb for teasing, backcombing and detangling hair. You won’t believe the volume and lift you get with...
Jatai Razor + Shear Stand
PROFESSIONALISM ON DISPLAY! All owners of Feather® Razors or Shears want to proudly display their tools. The beautiful chrome-plated stand fits the following: Feather Artist Club Razors and Feather Switch Blade Shears; Feather Wood Handle Stainless Double Edge Razor (WS-D1S),...
Jatai Blade Glide Plus
A HAIR CUTTER’S CROWNING GLORY! It’s not often that a professional product comes along that is beyond valuable to a stylist on so many levels. Blade Glide is the incredible all-star choice you’ll be reaching for once you discover its...
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Jatai Shaving Cream - 2oz
The Jatai Professional Shaving Cream is a part of our men's facial grooming series inspired by traditional barbering to promote healthy skin and hair. There's no blade buildup, it's easy to rinse off, it saves time and extends the life...
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