Soft N Style Clear Vinyl Gloves - 100pk Large
Vinyl disposable glove are latex free, non-allergenic and 100% powder-free. Excellent protection against color, dyes and harsh chemicals. 100 gloves per dispenser box.
Soft N Style Perm Rods
from $1.19
  • Red (12pk)
  • Yellow (12pk)
  • Blue (12pk)
  • Pink (12pk)
  • + 7
Soft N Style Perm Rods
Use E-Z-Flow Cold Wave Perm Rods for the most efficient distribution of fluids during styles and sets.   
from $1.19
  • Red (12pk)
  • Yellow (12pk)
  • Blue (12pk)
  • Pink (12pk)
  • + 7
Soft N Style Make-Up Mirror (SNS-11BK) Black - 8”x9”
8" x 9" single-sided mirror. Individually bubble packed
Soft N Style 3pk Translucent Tint Brush Set (887)
2" wide, translucent dye brush set in pink, purple and blue.
Soft N Style 4oz Measuring Cup (SNS-MEAS)
4 oz. clear measuring cup with measuring scales in the mold for accurate measuring and a pour spout to prevent spilling.
Soft N Style 3" Wide Butterfly Clamps - Colored (189) - 12pk
Wide butterfly clamps. Packed 3 each of the following colors: blue, purple, light blue and lavender.
Soft N Style 3" Wide Butterfly Clamps Black/White (186B) - 12pk
3" wide butterfly clamps. Packed 6 black and 6 white per pack.
Soft N Style Wash Bottle 8.5oz (B101)
Clear wash bottle with curved applicator top and mL measurements in the mold.
Soft n' Style Foam Pump Bottle 8.5oz (B116)
Turn soap and other cleansing products into a rich, thick foam while eliminating waste with this clear foam pump bottle.
Soft N Style Face Shield (SNS-FSD
Face shield protects clients face from hair sprays and any other products.
Soft N Style 2" Butterfly Clamps - Colored (188) - 12pk
Butterfly clamps. Packed 3 each of the following colors: blue, purple, light blue, and lavender.
Soft N Style Super Flex Ponytail Holders (SNS-208)
3 packs, in 4 assorted colors -- purple, black, clear, and ivory. Flexible ponytail holders are a great fashion accessory: grips hair firmly and helps prevent breakage and split ends with virtually no snagging, knots, or tension on the scalp....
Soft N Style 2" Butterfly Clamps - Black (185B) - 12pk
2" regular butterfly clamps. Packed 6 black and 6 white per pack.
Soft n Style Perm Rod Set (356-Set)
Contains 15 dozen perm rods. Contains: 3 Dozen Jumbo Lilac Rods, 3 Dozen Long White Rods, 2 Dozen Long Gray Rods, 2 Dozen Long Pink Rods, 2 Dozen Long Blue Rods, 1 Dozen Short White Rods, 1 Dozen Short Gray...
Soft N Style Metal Band Diffuser (FAD-7)
Metal band finger air diffuser. 5-1/2" diameter
Soft n Style Rubberized Super Grip Clips - 4pk (SNS-201)
4-1/2" large, rubberized super grip clips. 2 black and 2 purple per pack.
Soft n Style 120pc Cold Wave Rods Tray (1056x)
10 dozen assorted cold wave rods. 68 long and 52 short.
Soft n Style Rectangular Soft Foam Mirror (SNS-15)
17" x 10-1/2" single-sided mirror. Individually boxed.
Soft n Style Spiral Perm Rod Set (108 Pieces) SPRL-108
Assorted sizes and colors in clear bag with zipper closure. 108 pcs.
Soft n Style Heavy Hair Pins 3" Jumbo Black 1lb (P85-BK)
3" heavy jumbo hair pins. 1 lb. per box. P85-BK Black
Soft n Style Powder Spray Bottle 6oz (B115)
This powder spray bottle is the perfect way to store and use a variety of powders and glitters. Locking nozzle folds down to eliminate products from spilling out while not in use and for convenient traveling.
$4.95 $4.45
Soft N' Style 2oz Dropper Bottle (B107)
2 oz. clear bottle with dropper cap. 4-3/4"H x 1-1/2" Diameter.
Soft N Style Manicure Bowl (111)
Classic manicure bowl    Blue (111-BL) Ivory (111-IV) Pink (111-PK)  
  • Blue
  • Ivory
  • Pink
Soft N Style Genie Spray Bottle 9oz (8038)
9 oz. blue small genie spray bottle.
Soft N Style Hair Funnel (4123)
Designed for washing hair in an upright position.   Protect client's eyes, face, and neck during shampooing and chemical treatments  Perfect for the elderly or the disabled  Adjustable velcro closure 
Soft N Style Collapsible Silicone Diffuser (FAD-8)
Lightweight, space-saving, collapsible silicone diffuser fits most dryers and features a cool touch surface that is heat resistant up to 450 degrees. Measures: 5-3/8"D.    
Soft N Style Large Diffuser (FAD-3)
Large finger air diffuser. 6-1/2" diameter.
Soft 'N Style Hair Donut - Black (Hd-10)
Use to create buns and up-do's. Simply pull pony tail through donut and pin hair to achieve the look you want. Lightweight, flexible and easy-to-use. 3 1/2" diameter.
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