Body Toolz Slanted Tweezer
  • Black
  • Light Blue
  • Silver
Body Toolz Slanted Tweezer
Unique lightweight slanted tweezer, perfect for brow tweezing, unwanted bikini lines and fine hairs. Grabs the hair everytime! The best value tweezers available and the latest hot colors!
  • Black
  • Light Blue
  • Silver
Body Toolz Full Jaw Cuticle Nipper BT8220
Our new Rounded Box Joint Nipper is made from the finest Stainless Steel. Razor sharp with precision tips for a smooth cut every time. Rounded box joint for easy use. Double Spring/Satin Finish.
Body Toolz Wide Grip Slant Tweezer BT3174
Wide Grip Slanted Tweezers are great for comfort and control when tweezing. Stainless steel and perfectly aligned tips grabs the finest hairs
Satin Edge Starlet Tweezer Set (SE-2108) - 24pk
24 slant tip tweezers in assorted colors, each with an engraved pattern on the handle.
Satin Edge Ingrown Toenail File & Cleaner (SE-2064)
Ingrown toenail file and cleaner is made of stainless steel. Its curved file end removes ingrown toenails and its round end cleans underneath nails. An easy grip center handle prevents slipping.
Satin Edge Comfort Cuticle Nipper Half Jaw (SE-2067)
Features a stainless steel satin finish, half jaw, double spring, box joint. It is perfect for trimming cuticles. It has a removable, comfortable grip handle and comes in three assorted colors - black, blue and purple.
Mehaz 352 Tweezer
Body Toolz 1/2 Jaw Cuticle Nipper/Rounded Box Joint BT8210
Our new Rounded Box Joint Nipper is made from the finest Stainless Steel. Razor sharp with precision tips for a smooth cut every time. Rounded box joint for easy use. Double Spring/Satin Finish.  
Satin Edge Wild Collection Tweezer (SE-2115)
tainless steel tweezers in 3 assorted animal print patterns. Each tweezer features a slant tip and measures 3-3/4"L.
Body Toolz Vintage Safety Razor CS5500
Want a close shave our Vintage Safety Razor gives you that close, smooth shave every time. Traditional Double-Edge Razor. Balanced for proper maneuverabilty. Crisscross tooling pattern on the handle for excellent grip when razor is wet. Perfect blade angle for...
Body Toolz Toenail Clipper - 5 1/2" BT6000
5-1/2" toe nail clipper is preferred by podiatrist, pedicurist and manicurists
Body Toolz Straight Razor BT3466
High quality straight razor. Length 5.5 5/8 Round Point
Body Toolz Stork Scissor - 3 1/2" BT1010
This attractive Stork Scissor is used for cutting fine, delicate fabrics, like linen or china silk, and is also perfect for cutting embroidery and nai lwraps. It is extremely sharp and cuts smoothly the entire length of the blade, so...
Body Toolz Square Tip Tweezer - Silver BT5070
Get the job done faster and more neatly. These professional-grade stainless steel tweezers feature square tips and salon length handles. Long-handled tweezers allow for greater accuracy and pinpoint control. The squared tips provide a wider gripping surface, allowing you to...
Body Toolz Pusher/Spoon - 5 1/4" BT488
This Professional Pusher has a spoon on one side and hollow tip on the other. It allow you to clean you to clean the dirt from under the nail and the hollow tip allow for a very fine and sharp...
Body Toolz Pusher/Pterygium - 5 1/4" BT489
This professional cuticle pusher allows for very fine and sharp edge work. The pterygium blade removes the forward growth of the cuticle that adheres to the base of the nail. Also cleans acrylic from the nail. The hollow end is...
Body Toolz Professional Lancet & Extractor BT4020
The Loop Extractor with Retractable Lance is a professional instrument used by aestheticians for removing deep blackheads. One end has surgical sharp lancet for piercing the skin to reach infected whiteheads. The other end has a small loop for pushing...
Body Toolz Podiatrist Clipper BT6010
5 1/2" Podiatrist Toenail clipper enables you to cut someone else's toenails or your own nails with ease.
Body Toolz Nail Tip Slicer CS2223
Easy cut Nail Slicer cuts artificial nail in one slice. Guaranteed not to shatter acrylic nail tips. Easy to change stainless steel blades. Smooth opening and closing action. All Stainless Steel
Body Toolz Moustache Scissor - 4" BT2060
These high-quality moustache scissors are convenient for everyday moustache, beard trimming, false eyelashe. They're made from the finest stainless steel, so they are durable and precise. These all-purpose scissors are so good, the can also be used to cut linen...
Body Toolz Linen Wrap Scissor - 3 1/2" BT1020
3 1/2" Stainless Steel Linen Wrap Scissors with extra large finger holes for cutting all types of wraps. Long blades make for easy cutting. Extremely Sharp!
Body Toolz Ingrown Toenail Kit BT3570
Now you can keep those ingrowns in control with our new Ingrown Toenail Kit. Kit contains: Ingrown toenail clipper, Ingrown lifter, Ingrown toenail file, Scissor, Attractive storage case. Stainless Steel
Body Toolz Ingrown Toenail File BT6060
Professional Ingrown Toenail file 5-1/2" Long smooths and shapes toenail edges.
Body Toolz Full Jaw Angled Cuticle Nipper Ergo Nip BT8087
First Ever! Ergo-Nip Angled Cuticle Nipper was designed for comfort and control when performing a manicure or pedicure. The nipper is angled so there is less stress on your wrist. The tips are precision rated and extremely sharp. The nipper...
Body Toolz Facial Tools BT4030
Removing facial blemishes can be tricky. You want to get rid of them completely, but that's hard to do without running the risk of scarring or bruising. The 5-1/2" Double End Spoon Extractor easily removes unsightly blackheads and whiteheads, and...
Satin Edge Tweezers (SE-2139)
48 stainless steel slant tip tweezers. Tweezers feature hole design for an enhanced, non-slip grip. Display measures 5-1/4" x 3-1/4" long.
from $1.75
Satin Edge Scissor Tweezer (SE-2021)
Traditional scissor handle. Perfect for general tweezing. Square tip.
Satin Edge Needle Nose Tweezer (SE-2020)
Extremely sharp pointed tip. Perfect for ingrown hairs and splinters. Stainless Steel.
Satin Edge Eyebrow Scissor (SE-2081)
Stainless Steel scissor. Perfect straight blade length for trimming eyebrows. Large finger holes for control.
Satin Edge Double Sided Ingrown Toenail Lifter (SE-2077)
100% stainless steel. Helps tend to painful ingrown toenails. Curved end gently lifts toenail. Flat end aids in lifting and applying antiseptic underneath toenail. Non-slip grip handle.
Satin Edge Double Sided Ingrown Toenail File (SE-2017)
Double-sided - one side curved, one side straight. Perfect for removing ingrown toenails. Easy grip center handle, prevents slipping. 100% stainless steel
Satin Edge Double Ended Cuticle Pusher (SE-2090)
Superior-quality 100% stainless steel tools featuring a rubber grip handle that provides control and comfort. Curved ends shape the cuticle; won't scratch nail. One end is large, the other is small.
Satin Edge Cuticle Pusher & Spoon Cleaner (SE-2091)
Superior-quality 100% stainless steel tools featuring a rubber grip handle that provides control and comfort. Curved end shapes the cuticle; won't scratch nail. Spoon end cleans underneath nails.
Satin Edge Callus Shaver (SE-2066)
Callus shaver easily removes corns and calluses, has a razor sharp stainless steel blade, and includes 10 refill blades.
Rubis 1K102 Slant Tweezer - Silver
The 1K102 tweezers are our classic tweezers. No coatings, no special treatments, simply the beauty of their shape, precision and function of their tip make them perfect. They are the preferred tweezers of many beauticians, but one in particular who is...
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