Supernail Acetone Polish Remover
Supernail Acetone Polish Remover is especially recommended for sculptured nails.
from $4.99
Supernail Fungi-Cide 1oz
Effectively treats common toe and finger fungus on contact. Enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for healing, while Benzocaine soothes painful areas. Brush-on applicator.   Item Number: 32031
Supernail China Silk Wrap
Wrap nails in 100% pure silk for exceptional durability.
Supernail Brush Cleaner
SuperNail Brush Cleaner is perfect for cleaning all nail sculpting brushes. Will not dry out bristles, increasing the life and performance of all brushes. Effective with a lower percentage of acetone. Added conditioners help prevent excess drying and keep the...
from $1.95
Supernail French Acrylic Kit
Creating this classic look has never been simpler. Our professional liquid sets fast and with our custom-fit French tips you’ll get perfect smile lines. This kit includes the essentials to complete four beautiful French Acrylic sets. Kit Contains: 1 -...
Supernail Stick-It Brush-On Nail Glue .125oz
  Ultimate Control for Wrap & Tip Application Spill Proof Bottle Faster Drying Time Easy-Open Cap   50526
Supernail LED/UV Clear Gel 2oz
SuperNail LED/UV Clear Gel can be used over tips or natural nails for a strong and durable set, for strengthening or quick repairs. Has a thinner viscosity for blending pink and white nail applications.   This SuperNail BuilderGEL system is...
Supernail Nail Primer .25oz
This formulation penetrates the nail, releasing moisture and oil in preparation for nail enhancements. Creates a perfectly dry work surface, assuring maximum adhesion of enhancements - no pop-offs or lifting.     Item Number: 51365
Supernail ProDip Base .5oz
The second step in the ProDip Acrylic Dipping System. Self-leveling gel resin with a thin to medium viscosity is chemically matched to work with the ProDip Acrylic Dipping System, this Base is calcium and vitamin enriched and is formulated to...
Supernail ProDip Activator .5oz
The third step in the ProDip Acrylic Dipping System. Recommended for use with the ProDip Acrylic Dipping System, this brush-on activator will help set your ProDip Powder nails and make them long-lasting and strong. Size: 14 mL / 0.5 fl...
Supernail UV Topcoat .5oz
For the ultimate durable shine; seals the polish for weeks. Dries in 3 minutes with any UV lamp.   Item Number: 630441
Supernail Nail Polish Thinner
Keeps nail polish consistently smooth for perfect application.
from $1.99
Supernail Swiss Silk Wrap Self Adhesive Tabs
The strength of 100% Swiss silk. The convenience of pre-shaped self-adhesive tabs. Sheer finish.     Item Number: 51070
Supernail ProDip Prep .5oz
The first step in the ProDip Acrylic Dipping System. Removes moisture and oil from the nail surface to improve adhesion. Cleanses and sanitizes the nail surface by eliminating traces of bacteria. Prep can be used with any other artificial product...
Supernail ProDip French Acrylic White 2oz
Pure white dip powder ideal for French Manicures and nail designs.   65874
Supernail ProDip Finish Gel 2oz
The last step in the ProDip Acrylic Dipping System. An air dry, self-leveling top coat, that seals and protects the dip nail enhancement giving it an even, glossy finish. Size: 14 mL / 0.5 fl oz Item Number: 67539
from $9.95
Supernail Nail Bandage 30ct
Mend cracked and broken nails instantly. Cushioned emery board and 30 clear adhesive tabs for no-show repairs. Includes 30 nail bandages.   Item Number: 40030
Supernail Line B-Gone .5oz
Eliminates fill and repair lines on acrylics, gels & wraps and blends tips on natural nails.   Item Number: 31053
Supernail Infection Protection .25oz
The first step to healthy nails. Kills bacteria and fungus on contact. Apply to clean, buffed nails.   Item Number: 51355
Supernail Glue Off 2oz
Removes all traces of glue without damaging the natural nail. Item Number: 31500
Supernail Bite No More .5oz
End nail biting once and for all. This clear formula stimulates nail growth, and can even be used over polish. For adults and children.   Item Number: 31160
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