Lucky Tiger Aspen After Shave (16oz)
Want to be instantly cool? Done! With this refreshing, toning and cooling after shave you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using this ever since you were old enough to shave. Combine a truly masculine scent that delivers a fresh spicy...
Lucky Tiger Moustache Wax Neutral (1.4oz)
Train your moustache with this hydrating wax. If you have two fingers you can start holding your moustache hair in place (especially those pesky hairs that sneak into the corners of your mouth), swirl your fingers around till it gets...
Lucky Tiger Molle Brushless Shave Cream (12oz)
Guys like Frank, Con and Tony were the men you’d see in the barbershop getting their hair cut and their face shaved like a man (and they’d give you an ass-kickin' for getting it wrong.) Made with mineral oil and...
Lucky Tiger Menthol Vanishing Cream 12oz
Formulated to complement our Disappearing Cream, this Vanishing Cream has a unique blend of menthol and mint that works wonders on razor burn and bumps while moisturizing and hydrating your face. Boo-yah!
Lucky Tiger Liquid Cream Shave (5oz)
Inspired by great barbershop traditions with a modern take on classic shaving cream, our Liquid Cream Shave was developed because shaving shouldn't suck. The rich creamy lather soothes and hydrates your skin while reducing razor burn leaving your face silky smooth giving you the...
Lucky Tiger Face Scrub (5oz)
We don't know about you but the idea of "dead skin" on our face does not sound appealing. Gently buff away that dead skin with this naturally formulated face scrub to revitalize and brighten your face while reducing ingrown hairs (hair's supposed to grow...
Lucky Tiger Face Moisturizer (3.5oz)
Start with all natural ingredients, throw out the alcohol and you have a moisturizer designed to soften the roughest of faces. Our unique formula is a thirst quencher that will hydrate, nourish and leave your face looking younger. Oh yeah, the supreme moisturizer also reduces fine lines...
Lucky Tiger Cru-Butch Control Wax Tin (1.5oz)
Same great hair wax as the jar, but in a handy travel tin. Buzz cut, high and tight or rockabilly pomp, this hair control wax will keep you looking cool and in control. Our wax is soft enough to gently work...
Lucky Tiger Bay Rum Aftershave (16oz)
A classic barbershop after shave never goes out of style. Our Bay Rum (great name or what…) after shave cools, invigorates and refreshes your face and neck after a clean close shave. Splash it on to stimulate your skin, tighten...
Lucky Tiger After Shave & Face Tonic (8oz)
This modern take on classic after shave completes the cleansing and shaving process while soothing, toning and invigorating your skin. This tonic is formulated to deliver a wake-up call to your face with its balance of Borage Oil, Aloe Vera...
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