Product Club Face Shield (PC-FS10)
Adjustable, lightweight face shield is made of durable, clear plastic material that protects the face and eyes from liquid sprays or droplets. Ideal for use in the salon to protect from dust, sprays and airborne particles, it can be worn...
Product Club EZ Apron (EZAPRON-OS)
Lightweight apron without strings. Patent pending “memory waistband” hugs your waist and allows apron to slip on and off with ease. Features multiple pockets, and a waist extender to comfortably fit most sizes. Stain-resistant and machine washable. Measures 21" long...
Product Club V-Cut Towels White - 6pk
Towels feature a unique "V"-cut design that reduces bulkiness around the neck area and lies flat so stylists can work without interference. Bleach and color-resistant. Each towel measures 16" x 27".
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