Product Club Plastic Processing Caps
Offers full head coverage for multiple services including coloring, perming, bleaching, and deep conditioning treatments. Elastic edge keeps hair secure and protects the face and eyes from color and chemicals. Strong, clear plastic material allows you to easily monitor any...
from $3.50
Product Club Pop-Up Foil 5"x11" 500pk
Versatile and perfect for various color processes, pre-folded 5"x 11" foils are strong and sturdy and have a lightly embossed texture that prevents slipping and bleeding. Packaged in a convenient pop-up dispenser that saves time and eliminates wasting product, they...
Product Club EZ Dispense Liter Holder
Specially designed for holding and dispensing liter size bottles and soft packs of shampoo, conditioner, or other products. Ideally angled to dispense every drop of product, eliminating waste and saving money. Multiple holders can be conveniently hooked together for a...
Product Club Cut & Fold Roll Dispenser
Simultaneously cuts foil and creates a ½” folded edge on every sheet, saving valuable time and speeding up application. Cuts the precise amount of foil needed to accommodate any hair length, eliminating waste. Fits all Product Club® smooth and embossed...
Product Club Tube Key
  Squeezes every drop of product out of any tube, reducing waste. Small and compact to easily hang on a color cart or workstation, or attach to a key ring for easy access. Zinc-plated, rustproof tube key is a convenient...
Product Club No-Crease Clips 12pk
  Securely holds hair without leaving annoying creases or dents. Smooth, plastic covering over a stainless steel base that protects hair, and won't crease foils or disturb color processing. Great for sectioning shorter hair, setting styles after drying, and keeping...
$10.99 $9.27
Product Club Grip Clips 6pk
  Sturdy, lightweight clips have strong tension and an extra-tight grip to keep foil and hair securely in place. Long, narrow stainless steel clips are ideal for sectioning hair and foil without weighing it down. Non-slip silicone pads make clips...
Product Club Foil & Balayage Boards 2pk
  Colorists can easily paint and blend using the sturdy acrylic surface for maximum saturation and stability. Each board features a straight edge for foil applications and a contoured edge to comfortably fit the curve of the head during balayage....
Product Club Sectioning Clips 4pk
  Bestselling clips feature non-slip super-grip teeth that secure tightly to hold wet or dry hair. Innovative double-spring design and expandable middle section automatically adjust to hold any amount of hair. Ideal for sectioning and securing hair when coloring, cutting,...
Product Club Feather Bristle Color Brush
  Ideal for balayage, highlights and color melts, soft, feathered bristles easily sweep across the hair and gently blend for seamless, natural-looking results. Tapered edges evenly interweave lightener between the hair strands for maximum saturation. Long, sleek handle offers precision...
Product Club Measuring Beaker 5oz
  Precisely measure color, developer, and more. Made of sturdy plastic material with embossed measuring scales for the most accurate measurements. Lightweight clear beaker features a convenient pour spout for increased control. Measures up to 5 oz. in 1 oz....
Product Club EZ-Dispense Liter Holder Caps 4pk
  Designed for use with the EZ-Dispense Liter Holder. Flip-top caps won’t leak or drip, reducing mess and minimizing waste. 4 ct. YBZ-RC4
Product Club Feather Bristle Brushes 2pk
  Soft, feathered bristles easily sweep across hair and gently blend out product for seamless, natural-looking results. Tapered edges evenly interweave lightener between hair strands for maximum saturation. Long, sleek handle allows for increased movement and control. Every professional colorists'...
$5.95 $5.06
Product Club Feather Bristle Color Brush Set
  A complete collection of six bestselling feather bristle brushes. Includes: Original Feather For seamless blending Extra Wide For large sections of hair Balayage For precise placement Precision For intricate detail work 2-in-1 For sectioning and painting Ergo For added...
Product Club Disposable Eyeglass Guards 100pk
  Protects eyeglasses and prevents staining during color application. Eyeglass arms fit securely into protective sleeves for full protection. Disposable guards are two-toned in black and silver. 5” L x ¾” W. 100 ct. EG-100
Product Club Tube Squeezer
  Completely empties every last ounce of product from any tube, reducing waste and minimizing mess. Features a soft-grip handle that is easy to turn and strong aluminum rollers that efficiently squeeze out all remaining product. Fits comfortably on any...
Product Club Foil Assisstant
  Dispenses individual sheets of foil with a gentle tap. Conveniently delivers one sheet at a time without sticking or tearing, speeding up application. Use with any pre-cut foil or highlighting paper up to 6” x 9". Small, compact dispenser...
Product Club Disposable Capes 20pk
  Cleaner and more sanitary than a reusable cape. Provides full coverage and protection. Use alone or place over a nylon cape for added protection for clients, capes, and furniture. No laundry or maintenance required, saving valuable time and effort....
Product Club Silicone Mat
  Heat resistant silicone protects any surface from hot tools. Non-slip, embossed texture provides extra traction and keeps tools, containers, and mixing bowls securely in place. 11” x 16” is the perfect size for lining and protecting trays on color...
Product Club Digital Color Scale
  Precisely weighs and measures product for exact measurements and consistent formulas, reducing unnecessary waste. Weighs in grams or ounces and features a convenient tare function to ensure accurate results. Texturized bottom grips to countertops and keeps scale steady during...
Product Club Disposable Caps On A Roll 15.5"x12" - 500pk
  Ideal for busy stylists and high volume salons. Lightweight, flexible material insulates hair and protects the face. Secures easily with a clip or twist tie. Use for perming, coloring, and conditioning services. Clear finish is ideal for easy monitoring,...
Product Club Color Whip Electric Mixer
nstantly whip up lightener to a smooth, creamy consistency in seconds for an evenly blended mixture every time. Snap-on lid eliminates splattering and reduces harsh fumes and dust. Spins 10% faster, making it more efficient and cutting down preparation time....
Product Club Tripod
Provides strong, sturdy support for a wide variety of mannequin heads. Great for students, educators, and salon owners, professional-quality tripod is specially designed for colorists and stylists. Features include: • Adjustable post to accommodate most mannequin heads • Adjustable center...
Product Club Color Bowl
Easily mix color or product without splatter or mess with this sturdy mixing bowl that has a non-skid rubber base to keep it in place. Features embossed measurement scales for convenient measuring and the easy-grip handles make it easy to...
Product Club Bottle Cleaning Brush Set
Set of 2 brushes with dense, nylon bristles easily remove all color residue with minimal effort. Larger brush has flexible bristles to scrub and thoroughly clean applicator bottles. Smaller, narrow brush is uniquely designed to remove color and residue from...
Product Club Balayage Film Roll 12" x 500'
Wide, clear film makes it easy to monitor the entire coloring process from beginning to end. Flexible, non-cling film provides full coverage and protection to grip each section of hair easily. Perforated, 500 sheet roll dispenses easily and is simple...
Product Club 5" x 8" Smooth Heavyweight Foil 500pk
Thicker and more durable than typical foil, heavyweight foil is made with a proprietary aluminum blend that is specially designed to accommodate strong, premium lighteners and provide maximum lift. Conveniently pre-cut into 5" x 8" sheets that are interleaved with...
Product Club Balayage Clips - 15ct
Super lightweight clips have a firm grip and secure tightly to balayage film without weighing it down. Great for sectioning and securing hair. Small, single-prong design is 2" in length and features rubberized pads that are easy to grip, even...
Product Club Highlighting Paper - 250ct
Pre-cut sheets are an effective alternative to traditional foil. Flexible and lightweight, they adhere easily and are ideal for performing highlight and balayage applications. Highlighting paper folds easily, cutting preparation time in half. Made of sustainable, environmentally friendly material. Available...
$5.99 from $4.98
Product Club 5"x8" Pre-Cut Embossed Foil - 400pk - Silver
Pre-cut foils that have an embossed texture that prevents slipping and bleeding for flawless results. 5" x 8" foils are the ideal size for short or medium length hair and separate easily, saving time during application.   EF400-SL
Product Club 5" Smooth Roll Foil - Silver
Customize your length with durable, high-quality roll foil. Smooth texture works well with all hair types, and foil can be cut to accommodate any length of hair. Features a self-dispensing box with a built-in metal cutting edge that is easy...
from $8.75
Product Club 5" x 250' Embossed Roll Foil - Silver
Lightly embossed roll foil prevents slipping and bleeding for precise results and works well on all hair types. Strong, durable silver foil rolls out easily and can be conveniently cut to accommodate any length of hair. Includes a self-dispensing box...
Product Club Pop-Up Foil Dispenser
Delivers one sheet of foil at a time with ease. Prevents foil from tearing and sticking together, speeding up application time and eliminating waste. Sturdy, weighted dispenser has a non-skid base that stays firmly in place during use. Attractive, acrylic...
Product Club Pop-Up Foil 5"x8" 400pk
Versatile and perfect for various color processes, pre-folded 5"x 8" foils are strong and sturdy and have a lightly embossed texture that prevents slipping and bleeding. Packaged in a convenient pop-up dispenser that saves time and eliminates wasting product, they...
Product Club JetBlack Reusable Latex Gloves - Black (12pk)
Made of thick, strong latex material, these gloves provide a secure grip on tools and are ideal for use with all color applications. Extra-long cuff extends 3 inches past the wrist for maximum protection from chemicals and color formulas. Dark,...
Product Club Disposable Vinyl Gloves - Clear (100pk)
Powder-free gloves are made of high-quality vinyl that protects hands from harsh chemicals and color formulas. Soft, comfortable all-purpose gloves are flexible and stretch to fit all hand sizes and nail lengths without ripping or tearing. These disposable, single-use gloves...
Product Club JetBlack Disposable Vinyl Gloves - Black (90pk)
Bestselling gloves are made of superior, high-quality vinyl and have an extra-long cuff that extends 3" past the wrist to provide extra protection from color and chemicals. Dark, black color conceals stains to keep a professional look at all times....
Product Club Face Shield (PC-FS10)
Adjustable, lightweight face shield is made of durable, clear plastic material that protects the face and eyes from liquid sprays or droplets. Ideal for use in the salon to protect from dust, sprays and airborne particles, it can be worn...
Product Club EZ Apron (EZAPRON-OS)
Lightweight apron without strings. Patent pending “memory waistband” hugs your waist and allows apron to slip on and off with ease. Features multiple pockets, and a waist extender to comfortably fit most sizes. Stain-resistant and machine washable. Measures 21" long...
$25.00 $22.50
Product Club V-Cut Towels White - 6pk
Towels feature a unique "V"-cut design that reduces bulkiness around the neck area and lies flat so stylists can work without interference. Bleach and color-resistant. Each towel measures 16" x 27".
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