No Lift Nails Primer - .75oz
No Lift Nails Primer is the best acrylic nail primer available for the prevention of lifting. When we started 35 years ago we were the first full strength nail primer on the market. The nail technicians found that by using this...
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No Lift Nails Fung Off
Finger or Toe Nail Fungus?Here's what you've been waiting for...FUNG-OFF special nail conditioner goes right to the problem with easy application. Its maximum strength formula keeps nails clean and healthy. Evaporation is immediate so there is no oily residue.Available in an...
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No Lift Nails Primer Gentle Prime 1/2oz
NEW from No Lift Nails, Gentle Prime is a unique mild acid formula that delivers dramatically superior performance for sensitive nails.Gentle Prime from No Lift Nails puts a whole new category of performance and profits at your fingertips.
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No Lift Cuticle Oil - 1oz
No Lift Nails Cuticle Oil brings together three of Nature’s richest ingredients: Avocado Oil, Almond Oil and Vitamin E. The result is a superb oil that conditions nails and softens skin with a single drop.Our unique formula will not promote...
No Lift Acrylic Powder Clear - 1oz
No Lift Nails Ultra Sift acrylic powder makes a tough, flexible, acrylic nail.Our Acrylic System allows you to work wet without losing control of the product. It adjusts automatically to different climates, eliminating brittleness and crystallizing. Your Quick Set – Wet...
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