Star Starlite Gel
This product is formulated to cure with UV lamps only. It is not formulated to cure with LED lamps.
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Star Nail Birchwood Sticks 144-pk
Great for pushing back cuticles, cleaning under the nail and swiping away polish that bleeds onto the fingers.144 ct.
Star Glass Dappen Dish
This sturdy glass dappen dish is great for dispensing proper ratio of acrylic powder, acrylic liquid and acetone with an acrylic brush.
Star Natural Nail Dehydrator - 1oz
Dehydrates the natural nail surface and balances the pH for maximum adhesion of acrylics, tips, polish and glue.
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Star Nail Ultra Form Tips - Clear (50pk)
Ultra Form (Clear) Tips Crystal clear. Great for nail art. Can apply any color acrylic on top. Fits to any nail bed. ABS professional quality tips. Reinforced side walls. Available in sizes 1 - 10. Available in 50 pk. and...
Star Toezees Toe Separators (144pk)
The first environmentally friendly disposable individual toe separators. Use only 2 per foot. Ultimate client comfort. Uses 50% less foam with a 50% cost savings.
Star T3 Fibergel UV Gel - 1oz
  • Catwalk Pink
  • Portfolio Plum
Star T3 Fibergel UV Gel - 1oz
Full coverage of smile line on natural nails. Durable, lightweight and flexible sculpting gel. Hides fill lines and great for sculpting. Great for short nail beds to create long, slender french nails   This product is formulated to cure with...
  • Catwalk Pink
  • Portfolio Plum
Star Primer Pen
Star Nail French Express Nail Tips 50Pk
The french manicure nail look instantly! Ultra white french tip color. ABS professional quality tips. Easy to apply. No polish needed, non-yellowing. Reinforced side walls. Unique formed well. No tip blending.
Cuccio Antibacterial Cleansing Spray
Antibacterial Cleansing SprayAn effective antibacterial cleanser for nail and tools associated with nail tips and sculpture products.Directions: Spray liberally on nails prior to application of tips, sculptures, wraps or gel nails. Wipe dry. Use to prep nail plate for all nail...
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