Gena Pedi Soak
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Gena Pedi Soak
Concentrated foot bath with Tea Tree Oil cleanses, softens and prepares feet prior to any foot care services. *Cleanses & RefreshesItem Number: 02106   Mix 14mL/0.5fl oz of Pedi Soak into warm water foot bath. Allow feet to soak for 5-10...
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Gena Pedi Scrub
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Gena Pedi Scrub
A deep exfoliating gel with Aloe Vera, Sea Kelp conditioners, and gentle scrubbing granules safely cleanse and smooth dry, rough, and callused feet. *Exfoliates & Polishes *Invigorates, hydrates and soothesItem Number: 02102-N How to Use Lightly massage about 7g/0.25 fl oz...
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Gena Mrx Antiseptic
***This Item Is Current Unavailable From The Manufacturer*** No Time Frame As To When It May Become Available Again   FDA approved all purpose antiseptic for direct-skin contact or salon sanitation services.     For use during manicures, pedicures and ear...
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Gena Pedi Jet (Calming) 14oz
Non-foaming, residue-free foot soak specially formulated for use in hydrotherapy and "jetted" foot baths. Pedi Jet sanitizes, cleanses and softens skin, allowing for fast, gentle exfoliation of cuticles and calluses. Infused with a light aromatherapy blend of Lavender, Patchouli and...
Gena Pedi Cure - 8.5oz
Ultra conditioning skin therapy treatment contains botanical extracts of Peppermint, Lavender and Menthol to smooth and soothe dry, chapped skin. *Softens dry, cracked feetItem Number: 02143-N How to Use Massage daily onto feet, giving extra attention to the hard, calloused skin...
Gena Callus Off 4oz
The blend of Eucalyptus, Menthol and Tea Tree Oil helps prevent foot odor and bacterial contamination. Features/Benefits: Tea Tree Oil: Antiseptic and germicidal, tea tree oil helps to prevent bacterial contaminations. Citric Acid: Derived from citrus fruits, citric acid has astringent...
Gena Pedi Soft
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Gena Pedi Soft
Botanically enriched conditioning lotion with Natural Fruit Acids softens dry feet and legs. *Smoothes and SoftensItem Number: 02104-N   How to Use Apply 7g/0.25 fl oz of Pedi Soft to legs and feet, apply more if needed. Use your favorite massage...
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Gena Pedi Septic Spray - 8oz
Highly effective foot spray helps prevent bacterial contamination and helps prevent foot odor with a blend of Eucalyptus, Menthol and Tea Tree Oil. *Cleans, Cools & RefreshesItem Number: 02110-N       How To Use Apply Pedi Septic liberally to feet...
Gena Pedi Pak
Includes 8.4oz Pedi Soak, Pedi Scrub, Pedi Care, Pedi Septic, Pedi Ice, Pedi Soft, Pedi Cure, as well as files, accessories, and a lovely bag.    02155
Gena Pedi Care
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Gena Pedi Care
Non-abrasive sloughing lotion with Peppermint Oil exfoliates and removes dry surface skin cells. Infused with refreshing Peppermint Oil to invigorate, hydrate and soothe. *Removes rough, dry skinItem Number: 02126-N How to Use Apply 7g/0.25 fl oz of Pedi Care to feet,...
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Gena Pedi Spa Detox Soak 1
PediSpa Detox Foot Soak infused with black charcoal deeply cleanses and preps feet for the pedicure while calming and relieving the skin. Specifically formulated for use in hydrotherapy and “jetted” foot baths, this non-foaming, residue-free foot soak will clean and...
Gena Pedi Mask - 6oz
Aloe, Algae, Chamomile, Spearmint and Tea Tree whipped together to create an invigorating and moisturizing mousse mask that goes on creamy and rinses off quickly. *Softens & RejuvenatesItem Number: 02145 How to Use Lightly cover entire foot to top of ankle...
Gena Cuticle Off - 2oz
Instantly and effectively softens even the toughest cuticle growth from fingers and toes. Perfect for all nail services. *Softens cuticles in secondsItem Number: 01560 How to Use Apply onto the cuticle. Let it penetrate for 30 seconds, a little longer if...
Gena Pedi Ice Gel
Ice cold Menthol and Eucalyptus formula cools skin and refreshes hot, tired feet and legs while soothing Aloe relieves and moisturizes. *Cools & Revitalizes *Deep cooling gelItem Number: 02136 How to Use Apply 7g/0.25 fl oz of Pedi Ice to legs...
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Gena Healthy Hoof Cream
Proven for years to condition and strengthen nails. An intensive protein treatment to condition and strengthen nails and cuticles.   Massage daily into nails and cuticles to nourish and moisturize.
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Gena Pedi Spa Detox System Kit
FOOT CARE IN A BOX: Pamper your feet with Gena PediSpa Detox Charcoal Intro Kit, the simple 4-step solution to detox and rejuvenate your feet! SOAK to deeply cleanse your feet, SCRUB to exfoliate and diminish unwanted calluses, MASK to...
Gena Pedi Spa Detox Scrub 2 14.6oz
Black Charcoal Purifying Scrub helps diminish calluses, exfoliates dry skin, and reveals polished and smooth feet.Item Number 04065 PediSpa Detox Purifying Scrub infused with black charcoal diminishes calluses and exfoliates dry skin, revealing polished and smooth feet. Specially formulated with...
Gena Healthy Hoof Lacquer .5oz
Healthy Hoof Top Coat is a hi-gloss and quick-drying nail protectant that is origingally developed for horses' hooves and was discovered by groomers to be excellent for nail care. This formula makes any manicure or pedicure highly durable with a...
Gena Warm O Lotion Original - Gal
Item Number: 02010
Gena Warm O Lotion Fresh - Gal
Item Number: 02020
Gena Tropical Paraffin Wax - 1lb
Item Number: 02345
Gena Tea Tree Oil - 1/2oz
100% Tea Tree Oil, a natural antiseptic. Excellent on skin, nails and scalp.Item Number: 02046   *For foot odor, add five to ten drops of pure tea tree oil into warm water in foot bath. Soak nightly For five minutes. *After...
Gena Pedi Warm - 8.5oz
Exfoliates rough, dry skin while moisturizing with a soothing, warm sensation. *Moisturizes & Soothes *Warming formula calms and relaxesItem Number: 02151   Apply 7g/0.25 fl oz of Pedi Warm to wet skin and gently massage. Concentrate on rough dry areas for...
Gena Nail Brite - 4oz
Creamy formula contains special whiteners, conditioning cleansers and natural agents to brighten and whiten nails. *Safe for artificial and natural nailsItem Number: 02027 How to Use Shake well before using. Apply Nail Brite to the underside of nails. Rub into underside...
Gena Feet To Go
Travel Size Pedicure Essentials. Kit includes: Pedi Septic‚Ñ¢, Pedi Soak‚Ñ¢, Pedi Soft‚Ñ¢, Pedi Care‚Ñ¢, Pedi Ice‚Ñ¢, and Pedi SanderItem Number:¬†02132-N How to Use Step 1: Begin this phase of the pedicure by spraying both feet with Pedi Septic‚ Pedi Septic,...
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