DL Pro Double Dappen Dish (DL-C207)
Perfect for use with acrylic powder and liquids. Made from chemical resistant plastic. 3-1/2"L x 1-3/4"W x 1"H.
DL Pro 120 PC. Stiletto Nail Tip Display (DL-C555)
Unique standing spiral display is great for showing nail colors and designs. Features 120 natural colored stiletto nail tips. Includes 120 individually numbered stickers to easily identify desired polishes and designs for clients.
DL Pro 7" Glass Dropper (DL-C144)
Perfect for all t types of manicure liquids. Reduces spillage and waste. Measures 7-1/4" long.
DL Pro Color Buttons With Adhesive Sheet (DL-C556)
Small, round adhesive pads are designed for displaying gel polish colors on bottle caps for identification and organization. Apply gel polish to adhesive pad, cure under a UV lamp, and stick the pad to the top of nail polish bottle....
DL Pro 5pc Droppers (DL-C111)
5 droppers per bag.
DL Pro Acrylic Nail Brush Holder (DL-C296)
Organize and store nail brushes with this round durable holder. Can hold up to 12 brushes. Measures: 3"H x 3-1/2" Diameter.
DL Pro Soak-Off Clips (10pk) (DL-C419)
Reusable, clear soak-off clips help to remove gel and gel polish from the nail. Use with pure acetone-soaked cotton. Pack of 10 clips lets you soak all nails at once for quick and easy removal.
DL Pro Ombre Dip Powder Brush (DL-C464)
Master the perfect ombrŽ look with this dip powder brush. Simply tap powder from the brush onto each nail to create a seamless color gradient. Measures 6-3/4"L.
DL 48pc Nail Polish Pallette (DL-C557)
Clear plastic nail polish palette displays 48 nail polishes and nail art designs. Measures: 3-3/4"W x 11"H.
DL Pro Multi Color Nail Duster (DL-C452)
Brighten up any nail station with this multi-colored nail duster perfect for removing powder, dust, and filings from nails.
DL Pro Soak Off Tray (DL-C206)
Perfect for soaking off acrylics and gels. Made from chemical resistant plastic. 6"L x 1-1/2"H.
DL Pro 3 3/4" Nail Duster (DL-C339)
Perfect for dusting off powder and nail filings from nails.
DL Pro Needle Art Pens 3pk (DL-C390)
The perfect tool for adding fine details, lines, or wording to any nail design. 3 pens per pack.
DL Pro 20pc Nail Tip Fan Display (DL-C469)
Clear nail tip display for showing polish colors, gels, and nail art.
DL Pro 40pc Nail Tip Display On Chain (DL-C320)
Clear nail tip display for showing polish colors, gels and nail art.
DL Pro 6pk Nail Art Spoons (DL-C401)
The perfect sized spoon to use with acrylic powder and glitter to create beautiful nail art. Each spoon measures 2-1/4"L x 5/16"W. 6 spoons per pack.
DL Pro Silicone Nail Art Stamping Mat (DL-C467)
Nail art mat provides the perfect work surface for practicing designs and creating custom decals for a variety of nail shapes. Features 18 nail tip guides, 6 circles for testing color combinations, a DIY palette section, and a ruler. Reusable...
DL Pro Nail Art Drawing Board (DL-C433)
Chemical proof nail art drawing board allows you to create stamping decals and practice nail art while protecting your station. Washable and reusable.
DL Pro 5pc Resuable Nail Forms (DL-C355)
5 reusable, non-stick nail forms easily mold acrylics into the perfect C-curve shape. Each nail form features printed guidelines to ensure consistent length and shape, and adjustable metal sides with clear rubber tubes to prevent slipping. Comes packaged in a...
DL Pro 4 Pk. Nail Art Striping Tape - White , Black, Silver & Gold (DL-C337)
4 rolls of nail art striping tape in the following colors: Black, Silver, White, Gold.
DL Pro Nail Art Tip Guides - 20 Sheets (DL-C293)
Easy-to-apply nail tip guides help to create the perfect design every time. Includes straight, wave, scallop, circle, zig-zag, and more. 20 assorted sheets per pack.
DL Pro Nail Polish Pallette - Natural - 36ct (DL-C462)
Displays 36 nail polish colors and nail art designs. 7-1/2" Diameter.
DL Pro Multi-Use Nail Spatula (DL-C425)
Stainless steel spatula is perfect for mixing gels, powders, colors, and glitter. Opposite end features a beautiful pink crystal accent. Measures 4"L.
Tammy Taylor Pterygium Stone
Eliminates 100% of lifting caused by excessive cuticle on nail-plate. This stone removes cuticles even in hard to get corners of the cuticle grove. No more deformities of the natural fingernail caused by sharp-edged cuticle pushers.
Debra Lynn Nail Polish Bottle Holder (DL-C217)
Flexible rubber nail polish bottle holder fits most nail polish bottles. Firmly holds bottle at any angle.
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