Fantasea 40 FT 100% Cotton Coil (FSC501)
Made of 100% cotton. Extra thick and absorbent to keep chemicals off clients face during salon processes. 40 ft. FSC501 40 FT.
Fantasea Gallon Pump (FSC-PUMP)
Perfect for gallon bottles. Dispenser fits any gallon size container. The perfect accessory for our FantaSea gallon size shampoo and conditioners.
Fantasea Eyebrow Waxing Applicators (FSC622) - 500pk
Narrow applicator sticks are perfect for applying wax to eyebrow area. Measures 5-1/2" long.
Fantasea Large Waxing Applicators (FSC626) - 500pk
Multi-purpose wood applicator stick. Measures 5-7/8" long.
Fantasea Lavender Paraffin Wax (FSC639) - 1lb
Perfect for any paraffin spa or bath. Lavender aromatherapy scent soothes and alleviates tension in clients. Moisturizes and hydrates skin.
Fantasea Small Waxing Applicators (FSC620) - 500pk
3" small wood applicator stick with a rounded tip. Great for eyebrow waxing.
Fantasea Mascara Brushes (FSC211) - 25pk
25 disposable brushes per pack.
Fantasea Paraffin Liners (FSC648) - 100pk
Large enough for hands and feet. Designed to protect and line heated mitts and booties. Each bag measures 15"L x 6"W. 100 bags of disposable paraffin liners per roll.
Intrinsics Cotton Balls - 100pk
100% pure cotton Extraordinarily soft and immensely absorbent, our Triple-Size & Medium COTTON BALLS are made from our premium 100% pure cotton to exhibit the highest quality and provide superior performance. An essential supply for professional spas and salons, cotton...
Fantasea Top Coat (FSC414)
Seals nail polish and prevents chipping and peeling. Gives nails a glossy finish.
Fantasea Parafin Liner Bags (100pk) (FSC630)
Clear disposable bags used for lining mitts and booties during paraffin treatments. Liners come in a self-dispensing box. 100 bags per box.
Fantasea Fine Mist Spray Bottle (FSC296) - 2.5oz
2.5 oz., crystal clear, fine mist spray bottle.
Fantasea Facial Brush (FSC231)
Use to deep cleanse and exfoliate skin.
Fantasea Compact Nail Dust Collector (FSC-894)
Nail dust collector keeps your station and air free of dust and debris while filing or using a nail drill on clients. Built-in fan creates a vacuum effect to collect dust and debris into a disposable dust collector bag for...
Fantasea Deluxe Nail Dust Collector (FSC-944)
Keep manicure stations free of dust and debris with this deluxe nail dust collector! Perfect for collecting dust while filing nails or using a nail drill. Features 2 turbo-charged fans and powerful suction ports that easily collect debris during manicure...
Fantasea 72 Watt 2in1 UV/LED Light (FSC-946)
72 Watt, combination UV/LED light is great for curing all gel polishes quickly and evenly. This lamp features an on/off button and an easy-to-read LED timer with three different timing options: 10 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds.
Fantasea Wax Warmer (FSC858)
Single wax warmer features a temperature control dial with off/on/medium/high settings and a translucent cover to maintain the temperature of the wax. Designed to fit most 14 oz. cans. Measures: 7"W x 5"H.
Fantasea Wax Appliactor Kit (FSC294) - 350pc
Contains 150 small, 100 medium and 100 large wood applicators in a reusable, handy storage case with three compartments.
Fantasea Table Paper (FSC582) - 21"x225'
Smooth table paper roll is perfect for lining massage and waxing tables. Sanitary and easy-to-dispose after each use.
Fantasea Peach Paraffin Wax (FSC426) - 1lb
Perfect for any paraffin spa or bath. Contains Vitamin E for deep moisturizing and hydration of skin. 1 lb.
Fantasea Natural Bristle Body Brush (FSC634)
Used to exfoliate skin, increase blood flow and promote healthy glowing skin. Features a handle for a secure grip.
Fantasea Eyebrow Razors (FSC618)
Helps remove unwanted hair from around eyebrow area and other delicate areas. 3 eyebrow razors per pack.
Fantasea Exfoliating Gloves (FSC282)
Gently buffs away dead skin cells and impurities to leave skin smooth, healthy and vibrant. Can be used with gels, soaps, scrubs and/or exfoliants. One pair per bag.
Fantasea Compressed Cellulose Cleansing Sponges (FSC259) - 75pk
2-3/4" round, compressed cellulose cleansing sponges. Sponges expand when wet. 75 sponges per bag.
Fantasea Foot Massage LED Sign (FSC-929)
Multi-colored, animated, indoor, LED sign will grab clients’ attention and increase traffic to salons and spas. Ready-to-hang with 2 metal hang loops and chain. 4-1/2 ft. cord. 14-1/4"H x 23"W x 1"D.
Fantasea Mani/Pedi Nail Dryer (FSC-830)
Dual fan nail dryer features warm and cool breeze settings to efficiently dry both acrylic and natural nails. Large, spacious base can accommodate either hands or feet and built-in sensor triggers the on and off function. Features a rubberized, non-slip...
Fantasea Disposable Foot Bath Liners - 12pk (FSC-869)
Bag of 12 clear, disposable, plastic foot bath liners with a reinforced elastic edge.
Fantasea UV Sterilization Box (FSC-799)
UV Sterilizer can be used to sterilize brushes, combs, manicure implements, and other salon tools. It features an on/off touch screen and an LCD digital timer that can be set from 45 to 120 minutes. Includes a convenient, removable stainless...
Fantasea 4-in-1 Wax Warmer (FSC719)
4-in-1 Double Pots and Cartridge Heaters Warms all types of waxes Easy and convenient with auto shut-off function Transparant lid to monitor wax Removable pot for easy cleaning LCD temperature display  Temperature adjustment knob
Fantasea Beauty Balls Cotton Balls (FSC500)
Made of 100% cotton. Soft and absorbent. 100 beauty balls per resealable bag.
Fantasea 1oz Dropper Bottle (FSC372)
1 oz. clear bottle with dropper cap.
Fantasea Eyebrow Brush (FSC662)
Features a steel bristle eyelash separator with a plastic cover on one side and a black nylon eyebrow brush on the other side.
Fantasea Translucent Medium Double Walled Jar 1.7oz (FSC364)
50 mL/1.7 oz. double walled medium jar. Measures: 2"H x 2" Diameter.
Fantasea Acrylic Jar 5/8oz (FSC352)
18 mL/.61 oz. acrylic jar. Measures: 1-1/4"H x 1-1/2" Diameter.
Fantasea Eyebrow Razors (FSC588)
Pack of 3 touch-up razors with stainless steel blades. Perfect for grooming eyebrows and for removing unwanted hair from the lip, face, and bikini line. Each razor measures 5" long.
Fantasea 48 Watt Nail Lamp (FSC-939)
48 Watt LED lamp with 30 strategically placed LED lights is perfect for drying gel polish and top coats. Features an on/off button and includes timing options for 5, 30, and 60 seconds. Infrared sensors automatically start lamp when hand...
Fantasea Super Mini Fan (FSC841)
Black, adjustable angle, mini fan. Perfect for drying nails and blowing away fumes and odors. Features and on/off switch, 5 ft. cord and 110 volts.
Fantasea 40pc Waxing Kit (FSC290)
Waxing kit contains the following items: 3 Small Wood Applicator Sticks, 3 Medium Wood Applicator Sticks, 4 Large Wood Applicator Sticks, 10 Small 1-1/2" x 4-1/2" Muslin Strips, 20 Large 3" x 8-1/2" Muslin Strips.
Scalpmaster Disposable Spa Slippers (4015)
Lightweight, disposable slippers with non-skid foam sole. White. One size fits most.
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