Diane Shampoo Neck Rest - Black (D881)
Conforms To Most Shampoo Bowls Easy to clean material Allows neck to rest comfortably
Betty Dain The Gripper
Reduces neck fatigue at the shampoo bowl Non-toxic polyurethane and flexible gel neck rest Extension with suction cups to hold in place Fits any regular shampoo bowl Easily sanitized
Betty Dain Neck Eez
Provides comfort at the shampoo bowl! 100% waterproof sealed foam rubber Fits any regular shampoo bowl Easily sanitized
PowerTools Shampoo Bowl Neck Cushion
Enhance your client’s experience with extra comfort when shampooing and conditioning his/her hair. Our professional Shampoo Bowl Neck Cushion offers padded neck support, extreme comfort and durability. – Fits most American and European shampoo bowls– Sealed finish, will not absorb...
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