Cuccio Mini LED Nail Lamp
Our Professional LED Speed Mini Curing Lamp cures 5 fingers in full LED mode. It is designed with LED technology to cure all Cuccio™ Colour Veneer Colours, Base, and Top CoatsThis lamp uses bulbs that emit light at 405nm
IBD Jet 5000/3000 - 6 Replacement Reflectors
Replace reflectors every 3,000 hours or every 6-12 months. 2 bottom reflectors and 4 side reflectors   SKU: 61813
IBD Jet 5000/3000 - 2 UV Replacement Bulbs
Contains two 8 watt UV bulbs     SKU: 61814
IBD Jet 1000 Replacement Bulb
Contains two 4 watt UV bulbs   SKU: 60851
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