Medicool Red Sanding Bands 100pk
Medicool Pro Bits Red Sanding Bands are used for consistent abrasion. Red Sanding Bands grits are Fine, Medium, Coarse, and X-Coarse. Packaged in counts of 100
Medicool White Zebra Sanding Bands 100pk
Pro Bits® White Sanding Bands. White Sanding Bands grits are Fine, Medium, Coarse and packaged in counts of 100.
KUPA Sanding Bands (100pk)
FINE MANIPro Premium Sanding Bands - 240 grit - 1/4in. Diameter (Box 100 pcs.) MEDIUM MANIPro Premium Sanding Bands - 150 grit - 1/4in. Diameter (Box 100 pcs.) COARSE MANIPro Premium Sanding Bands - 80 grit - 1/4in. Diameter (Box...
KUPA Pedicure Sanding Bands (25pk)
Manufactured in the U.S.A. and are barrel shaped with cloth inner sleeves that allow them to be used in wet environments. When used in combination with our pedicure Mandrel, the bands hold firm while in use but are easily removed....
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