Star Glass Dappen Dish
This sturdy glass dappen dish is great for dispensing proper ratio of acrylic powder, acrylic liquid and acetone with an acrylic brush.
Tammy Taylor Gelegance Tip-It
Tip-It + Nail Pickers = TRUE LOVE. Tip-It was created with nail pickers in mind! Formulated specifically for adhesion to the natural nail. It’s like 2-sided tape, it adheres to the natural nail below and the gel polish over the...
Supernail China Silk Wrap
Wrap nails in 100% pure silk for exceptional durability.
Tammy Taylor Bond-it
Bond-It is the non-acid primer used for gel nails. Availabe in 0.5oz.
Supernail Swiss Silk Wrap Self Adhesive Tabs
The strength of 100% Swiss silk. The convenience of pre-shaped self-adhesive tabs. Sheer finish.     Item Number: 51070
Supernail Nail Bandage 30ct
Mend cracked and broken nails instantly. Cushioned emery board and 30 clear adhesive tabs for no-show repairs. Includes 30 nail bandages.   Item Number: 40030
Supernail Line B-Gone .5oz
Eliminates fill and repair lines on acrylics, gels & wraps and blends tips on natural nails.   Item Number: 31053
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