Tammy Taylor Non-Lifting Nail Primer
Tammy Taylor Non-Lifting Primer can be used with any brand of acrylic nail products, which you may be presently using. No other nail primer will give you better results, consistently on every client. Use two coats of primer: 1st coat...
$21.95 $19.76
Young Nails Protein Bond .25oz
The leader in non-acidic adhesion without the corrosive primers, our proprietary polymer bonds to the keratin structure and creates a stickier surface. Bonds to the natural nail and provides an anchor for gel, acrylic and polish.     NPPB025
No Lift Nails Primer - .75oz
No Lift Nails Primer is the best acrylic nail primer available for the prevention of lifting. When we started 35 years ago we were the first full strength nail primer on the market. The nail technicians found that by using this...
$13.95 $11.95
Luminary - Commit Primer 15ml
Are you ready to Commit? Even though our gel has amazing adhesion properties, there are still reasons to use it. Every client is different and some require just that much more insurance that their gel stays where you put it! ...
Star Natural Nail Dehydrator - 1oz
Dehydrates the natural nail surface and balances the pH for maximum adhesion of acrylics, tips, polish and glue.
CND Nail Prime .5oz
Acid-free bonding agent that securely adheres Liquid & Powder enhancements to the natural nail.
OPI Bond Aid
from $7.95
OPI Bond Aid
See acrylic nails reinvented with Bond Aid Ph Balancing Agent from Powder Perfection! An essential first step in chemical preparation Brings the surface of the natural nail to the proper pH for optimum adhesion of gels, acrylics, nail adhesives, tips,...
from $7.95
EzFlow Primer
from $9.95
EzFlow Primer
This formulation penetrates the nail, releasing moisture and oil in preparation for nail enhancements. Primer will create a perfectly dry work surface, assuring maximum adhesion of enhancements‚ no pop-offs or lifting. .5oz - 60241 4oz - 42206
from $9.95
CND NailFresh 1oz
Natural-nail temporary dehydrator for lift-prone clients. NailFresh™ removes excessive moisture and oil from the natural nail.
Tammy Taylor Sculpt Stuck On You
STUCK ON YOU™ is a bonder base gel used with SCULPT™. It is an easy brush on formula and cures in a UV/LED- 45 seconds in an LED and 2 minutes in a UV. Using this with SCULPT™ will give...
$27.45 $24.71
Gelish pH Bond .5oz
Used on natural nails to balance the pH and remove any surface oils. Item #1140002 (15 mL - 0.5 Fl. Oz.)
IBD LED/UV Bonder 0.5oz
Non-acid primer for use on natural nails. Designed to maximize adhesion with ibd LED/UV Gels.   SKU: 56844
IBD Nail Prep
from $13.49
IBD Nail Prep
Dehydrates and sanitizes prior to nail service
from $13.49
IBD Natural Nail Primer .5oz
Non-acidic primer for maximum adhesion on natural nails. SKU: 60830
IBD Dehydrate (.5oz)
Removes oils from the natural nail for better adhesion.   SKU: 60112
IBD Powerbond .5oz
ibd Powerbond is a bonder that promotes maximum adhesion and helps to ensure long lasting wear. Can be used with any of ibd__ gel, gel polish, and acrylic systems. Powerbond__ acid free formula is a great __nsurance policy_ for Just...
Tammy Taylor - Hema Free Primer Bond .5oz
HEMA-FREE PRIMER BOND A non-acid primer for gel polish manicures. Dehydrates and prepares natural nail for adhesion. Note: No other nail prep products are needed.   Note: Many nail products used in the nail industry contain HEMA. The Tammy Taylor...
$21.95 $19.76
LeChat Perfect Match Bond Plus .5oz
Increased adhesion proven to extend the lifespan of manicures and prevent lifting and chipping. Helps promote adhesion of acrylic and gel products onto the natural nail. Vegan friendly formulation helps develop healthy, durable nails. PMBP1
Star Primer Pen
Supernail Nail Primer .25oz
This formulation penetrates the nail, releasing moisture and oil in preparation for nail enhancements. Creates a perfectly dry work surface, assuring maximum adhesion of enhancements - no pop-offs or lifting.     Item Number: 51365
No Lift Nails Primer Gentle Prime 1/2oz
NEW from No Lift Nails, Gentle Prime is a unique mild acid formula that delivers dramatically superior performance for sensitive nails.Gentle Prime from No Lift Nails puts a whole new category of performance and profits at your fingertips.
IBD Stick Primer (.5oz)
Prepares nails for maximum adhesion, to be used with traditional hard gels and acrylics.   SKU: 71820
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