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All-Nutrient Lightener Control
DEFEND AGAINST THE HARSH EFFECTS OF LIGHTENING LIGHTENER CONTROL™ This lightener additive is molecularly designed to improve the lightening action and healthiness of hair during the lifting process.Lightener Control™ is a resin-based gel infused with a blend of natural, organic...
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PowerTools TCA - The Color Accelerator 1.25oz
TCA, the original color accelerator, processes permanent color, semi-permanent color, demi color, bleach, foil & high lift applications in half the time when added to any manufacturer’s color or lightening product. Here’s how it works: The Color Accelerator, TCA, is...
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PowerTools STB - Stop The Burn 2oz
Prevent skin & scalp irritation, burning, itching, chemical burn &  allergic reactions. STB, Stop the Burn, is a conditioning agent that alleviates the hair and scalp from the effects of harsh chemical processes. The active ingredient is menthol which provides a soothing sensation that...
PowerTools Gray Oxidizing Drops
Gray Oxidizing Drops, G.O.D, covers resistant gray completely.  G.O.D. can be used with any manufacturer’s permanent, demi & semi-permanent hair color; do not use with color stains or temporary colors. As with all Dennis Bernard products, G.O.D is color friendly...
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PowerTools CSL - Color Shade Lifter 4oz
Color Shade Lifter (CSL), ammonia and bleach free unique formula, removes and lifts 1-3 shades (not levels) of artificial color from hair. Hair is left feeling soft, in great condition and ready to recolor if desired. For best results always...
PowerTools TRA The Resistant Assistant 4oz
TRA, The Resistant Assistant, is a three minute pre-softener that deposits hair color quicker on super resistant hairlines, trouble spots and whole resistant heads. Perfect to use with semi, demi and permanent color Can be applied before wrapping perms to soften...
Powertools CBC Color Balance Corrector 1oz
Color Balance Corrector, CBC, eliminates brassy, red or gold tones from yellow, white and gray hair. It tones down warm, red & gold tones on dark hair for a true ash effect. CBC can be used in shampoo, bleach or color...
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