Spornette #21
Classic Large Nylon Bristle Oval for straightening curls and managing hair
Wet Brush Pro Paddle Brush
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Black
Wet Brush Pro Paddle Brush
Large brush head glides through tangles with ease Over 45% Less Damage*. 56% Less Effort. 100% Happier Hair!
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Black
Phillips Breeze SP
First Fully Vented Cushion Brush, Polytipped Bristle, Square Paddle
Phillips Light Touch 2
Purse Size model of Light Touch 1
Phillips Light Touch 1
Oval cushion, Contour handle,Single strands of ball tipped bristle, Hand glued cushions
Phillips 3000
Just like the old Scalpmaster 3000
Phillips #11
$12.50 $9.50
Phillips #11
Red Oval Cushion, Rounded metal pins Just like the Scalpmaster 125
$12.50 $9.50
Cricket Smoothing Brush
A great boar/nylon mixed bristle brush to promote shine. The cushioned oval pad is soft on the scalp, while the flared bristle pattern shapes and styles. This brush is designed with a sleek, ergonomically correct handle for comfort.   SKU:...
Cricket Heat Boss Brushes
Take control of styling with the professional Centrix® Heat Boss®  Thermal Brush. The chrome seamless barrel is ready to give big results and the innovative Heat Force Dial allows you to control the airflow. Static free nylon bristles are coated...
from $13.95
Cricket Curves Brushes
With a slight curvature of the brush head, the New Cricket Curve brushes feel great on the scalp while maximizing overall hair drying and styling coverage. Anti-static bristles,with superior sculpted ball tips assist in the foundationof styling hair, wet to...
from $12.95
Cricket Copper Clean Brushes
Treat hair and scalp to Cricket’s Copper Clean™ Brush Collection. Copper properties are known to lessen the buildup hair naturally produces. The Copper Clean™ copper coated bristles massage the scalp and work through hair to help reduce buildup and promote shiny...
from $4.95
Cricket Carbon Brushes
Lightweight Carbon properties that allow for anti-static and pro heat hair drying/styling!  Ceramic, Tourmaline and Ion infused ball tips to help close hair’s cuticles add shine to hair Ultra-soft, air cushion pad is responsive to pressure while being gentle Ideal...
from $9.98
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