Product Club Pop-Up Foil 5"x11" 500pk
Versatile and perfect for various color processes, pre-folded 5"x 11" foils are strong and sturdy and have a lightly embossed texture that prevents slipping and bleeding. Packaged in a convenient pop-up dispenser that saves time and eliminates wasting product, they...
$12.25 $9.45
Betty Dain ColorTrak Processing Caps
Clear processing caps Convenient professional pack sizes for perms, conditioners and color, designed for a variety of hair types Bouffant style caps with elastic trim Color: Clear
from $9.95
Color Trak Black Vinyl Gloves
Single-use, latex-free vinyl gloves are ideal for protecting hands during color processing Powder free ambidextrous design is available in four sizes for a custom fit Available in flat black to hide stains for a professional, clean look Each box contains...
Product Club Plastic Processing Caps
Offers full head coverage for multiple services including coloring, perming, bleaching, and deep conditioning treatments. Elastic edge keeps hair secure and protects the face and eyes from color and chemicals. Strong, clear plastic material allows you to easily monitor any...
from $3.99
Color Trak X Marks The Spot Tipping Caps
This is the original “X-marks-the-spot” cap! Our criss-cross grid and highlighting needle make highlighting, frosting and all-over dimensional color easy.  Same quality you have trusted for years Lined cap helps to minimize color bleeding Pull-out visor protects face Features the Protecto...
from $20.99
Color Trak Wipe Off Color Remover Wipes
3" x 5" Pre-moistened towelettes Easily removes hair color stains from skin Infused with aloe to prevent irritation Available: 50ct, 100ct & 36ct Display (Individually Wrapped)
$9.99 from $6.99
ColorTrak Lava Brush
The Lava Brush is a statement piece, carefully crafted to be admired by all. With a fun, blast-from-the-past design that is attributed to color, exotic patterns, and artistic freedom, this tool is sure to spark the interest of inquisitive minds....
Color Trak Disposable Highlighting Caps - 24pk
Tipping caps are a timeless favorite for fast, easy highlighting. Our Disposable Highlighting Caps are perfect for speed weaving, rapid highlights and dimensional color applications. Compare to Sunglitz Speed Weaving Caps. Each pack brings 24 grid star pattern tipping caps, and 1...
Product Club 5" Smooth Roll Foil - Silver
Customize your length with durable, high-quality roll foil. Smooth texture works well with all hair types, and foil can be cut to accommodate any length of hair. Features a self-dispensing box with a built-in metal cutting edge that is easy...
from $39.99
Product Club Pop-Up Foil 5"x8" 400pk
Versatile and perfect for various color processes, pre-folded 5"x 8" foils are strong and sturdy and have a lightly embossed texture that prevents slipping and bleeding. Packaged in a convenient pop-up dispenser that saves time and eliminates wasting product, they...
Product Club Feather Bristle Color Brush
  Ideal for balayage, highlights and color melts, soft, feathered bristles easily sweep across the hair and gently blend for seamless, natural-looking results. Tapered edges evenly interweave lightener between the hair strands for maximum saturation. Long, sleek handle offers precision...
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Color Key
DyzOff Pads
3 Piece Dye Brush Set (GR125)
T3-piece Hair Color Application Brush Set featuring durable plastic brushes in an assortment of sizes and styles. Brushes are designed to apply hair color and distribute it evenly. Tapered handles have pointed tips for sectioning hair. Set includes 1 -...
ColorTrak Purple/Silver Double Foil - 400pk
Color in style with our purple and silver pop-up foil sheets! Each pop-up dispenser box comes with 400 pre-cut 5” x 10.75” sheets.  Featuring: Pre-cut, ready to use interfolded foil sheets Non-slip texture Efficient, space-saving pop-up dispenser box Dual compartments...
Soft N Style 4oz Measuring Cup (SNS-MEAS)
4 oz. clear measuring cup with measuring scales in the mold for accurate measuring and a pour spout to prevent spilling.
Soft N Style 3pk Translucent Tint Brush Set (887)
2" wide, translucent dye brush set in pink, purple and blue.
ColorTrak Silver Pop Up Foil 1000pk - 5" x 10.75"
Choose between a 1000 pre-cut, ready-to-use interfolded hair foil sheets. Texture and thickness are optimal for advanced foilayage and balayage techniques, color saturation, and lightening! It's like having an assistant cut foils for you.  1000 5” x 10.75” sheets Embossed...
Product Club Pop-Up Foil Dispenser
Delivers one sheet of foil at a time with ease. Prevents foil from tearing and sticking together, speeding up application time and eliminating waste. Sturdy, weighted dispenser has a non-skid base that stays firmly in place during use. Attractive, acrylic...
Product Club Color Brush Variety Pack 3pk
Set of three brushes in a metallic silver finish is a must-have for every colorist's collection. Includes: Ergo Brush For added comfort and reduced hand and wrist strain 2-in-1 Color Brush A dual-purpose tool for sectioning, painting, and folding Precision...
Product Club Feather Bristle Brushes 2pk
  Soft, feathered bristles easily sweep across hair and gently blend out product for seamless, natural-looking results. Tapered edges evenly interweave lightener between hair strands for maximum saturation. Long, sleek handle allows for increased movement and control. Every professional colorists'...
Product Club Feather Bristle Color Brush Set
  A complete collection of six bestselling feather bristle brushes. Includes: Original Feather For seamless blending Extra Wide For large sections of hair Balayage For precise placement Precision For intricate detail work 2-in-1 For sectioning and painting Ergo For added...
Product Club Color Bowl
Easily mix color or product without splatter or mess with this sturdy mixing bowl that has a non-skid rubber base to keep it in place. Features embossed measurement scales for convenient measuring and the easy-grip handles make it easy to...
Product Club Bottle Cleaning Brush Set
Set of 2 brushes with dense, nylon bristles easily remove all color residue with minimal effort. Larger brush has flexible bristles to scrub and thoroughly clean applicator bottles. Smaller, narrow brush is uniquely designed to remove color and residue from...
Product Club 5" x 250' Embossed Roll Foil - Silver
Lightly embossed roll foil prevents slipping and bleeding for precise results and works well on all hair types. Strong, durable silver foil rolls out easily and can be conveniently cut to accommodate any length of hair. Includes a self-dispensing box...
Color Trak Ear Protector Caps - 24pk
Protect your client's ears and prevent a mess with these convenient, disposable ear protectors. They fit snuggly over most ear shapes and sizes, so you can focus on what matters most– hair!
Colortrak Repelle Haircolor Stain Shield
Up to 30 uses for our Salon-sized .50 oz canister, or up to 10 uses from our .15 oz mini stick Protect your clients from hair color stains Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, making it safe and easy to use from client...
from $9.95
Colora Highlight Board
Colora Board Helper - Designed to aid in highlighting, frosting, tinting and coloring.
Product Club Angled Color Brushes - 3pk (Assorted Colors)
Synthetic black nylon bristles are angled and gently tapered for intricate placement, distribute product evenly, and will not stain when used with dark color. Long, thin handle can be used for sectioning and has a non-slip grip for ultimate precision...
Scruples Menz Applicator Bottle
A unique haircolor system specifically designed for men with time and privacy in mind. MENZ 5 Minute Haircolor processes in 5-10 minutes at the shampoo bowl, making the service quick, convenient and discreet.
ColorTrak Ultra Color Brush (6032)
2" Wide base allows for even coverage at the roots Short firm bristles
Diane Applicator Bottle (D854) 16oz
ColorTrak Pop Kiss Tint Brush 2pk
This Dynamic Firm Bristle Brush Duo is sure to stand out amongst every other brush in your collection.  Make work days fun with this two pack of vibrant firm bristle brushes! #7059
Product Club 2oz Mini Applicator Bottles 3pk
Ideal for small amounts of product. Miniature design is easy to squeeze and features an extra-long, narrow tip for precise color application. Embossed with measurement marks for precise measuring and mixing. Easily identify and track multiple formulas using three 2...
Product Club 2-in-1 Brush - Red
An essential, dual-purpose tool for every colorist's collection. Quickly and easily section, paint, and foil with just one convenient brush. One side features firm nylon bristles that are ideal for all color and lightener applications, while the long, metal pin...
Product Club Color Mixer
Effortlessly blend ingredients into a smooth, creamy consistency to produce an evenly mixed, aerated formula every time. Quicker, safer, and more convenient than a whisk. Airtight cover controls dust, reduces harsh fumes, and eliminates splatter during mixing. Side handle makes...
Product Club Contoured Meche Sheets 6"x12" - 100pk
A lightweight foil alternative that is perfect for balayage, color blocking, and freehand techniques. Flexible foam material contours to the shape of the head and each sheet has a wide surface that is ideal for freehand color techniques or color...
Product Club Clear Thermal Film 5'x 150'
Product Club’s Clear Thermal Film is a revolutionary foil alternative that performs just like traditional aluminum foil, but is a more eco-conscious choice for your salon. This film uses innovative thermal insulation to help hair color process faster, giving you...
Product Club Eco-Wraps Highlighting Strips 4" x 11" 200pk
Environmentally friendly foil alternative is made from a sustainable, renewable, non-GMO tapioca base that is non-toxic and degradable. Wraps have a non-slip texture that controls slipping and bleeding and become transparent after contact with color or lightener, for easy monitoring...
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