SalonChic Triple Teasing Comb (SC9230)
Three rows of teeth provide three times the volume! Great for backcombing, teasing, sectioning and finishing hair.
Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush (SC20)
Shampoo brush with finger hole. 1 per printed poly bag. Purple.
Scalpmaster Vinyl Shampoo Cape
  • Black (3003)
  • Burgundy (3004)
  • Hunter Green (3005)
Scalpmaster Vinyl Shampoo Cape
54" x 36". Velcro neck closure.
  • Black (3003)
  • Burgundy (3004)
  • Hunter Green (3005)
Scalpmaster Cushion Brush (BX240)
Ball-tipped cushion brush. 7 row.
Scalpmaster Denman Style 9 Row Brush (SC804)
Strong nylon ball-tip bristles embedded in a heat resistant, solid rubber base. Perfect for smoothing, shaping and styling medium to long hair. 3 assorted colors - blue, red and purple. 9 row.
Scalpmaster Super Size Vinyl Shampoo Cape (3043)
Super size vinyl shampoo cape with Velcro neck closure. 66"x54" with 26" neck. Black.
Scalpmaster Shaving Set (SC-SHAVESET)
Great set to prepare the perfect shave. Rubberized professional shaving mug, 100% boar bristle shaving brush, bar of shaving soap.
Scalpmaster Vinyl Shampoo Cape - Tie-String Closure
  • Black (3000)
  • Burgundy (3001)
  • Hunter Green (3002)
Scalpmaster Vinyl Shampoo Cape - Tie-String Closure
54” x 36” Tie-string neck closure
  • Black (3000)
  • Burgundy (3001)
  • Hunter Green (3002)
Scalpmaster Large Gripper 7 Row Vent Brush (BX980)
Large ball-tipped rubber vent brush with handle. 7 row.
Scalpmaster Wire Bristle Cushion Brush (SC126)
Wire cushion brush invigorates the scalp. 11 row.
Scalpmaster Neck Duster (ND-20)
Synthetic bristles gently remove loose hair from the neck while dispensing powder.
Scalpmaster Blending Flat Top Comb (SC-9039)
Blends clipper cuts and removes harsh lines. Easy to maneuver with no handle. Compact shape fits around ears, head, and shoulders. Works great with clippers or trimmers. 5-3/4"L x 5"W.
Scalpmaster Ionic Gripper Comb 7 1/2" (SC-ION9)
Scalpmaster ionic comb. Negative ions are released when combing hair, providing smoothness and shine for healthy hair. Anti-static. Separated end tooth for precision hair sectioning. Designed for professionals to deliver precise and innovative hair styling.
Scalpmaster Neutralizing Bib (446V)
Neutralizing Bib 446V Vinyl, water and acid proof. Velcro closure. Black.
Scalpmaster Neck Duster W/Powder Dispenser (ND-7)
Soft nylon bristles remove loose hair on neck while dispensing powder.
Salonchic Tropical Fish Cutting & Styling Kiddie Cape (4056)
100% lightweight, premium polyester cape featuring colorful, fun tropical fish. Static-free and water-resistant, and machine washable. Metal snap neck closure
Scalpmaster Cross-Back Apron (4112)
Criss-cross apron is made from durable, 100% premium polyester material that is water-resistant and static-free. Designed to eliminate neck strain, this apron features two cross back straps that securely tie at the waist and a v-shaped neckline. Includes three pockets...
Scalpmaster Shear Accessory Holder (SC-9028)
Unique shear & accessory holder features flexible bristles that adapt to the shape of a stylist's tools. The bristles securely hold tools in place, while at the same time, stylists can easily grab whatever they need while they work. Measures...
Scalpmaster Barber Jacket
Poly/cotton barber jacket with zipper front closure and multiple front pockets. Black.
$14.99 $8.99
Scalpmaster Professional Styling Razor (SC-7902)
All-metal styling razor is ideal for blending, texturizing, and layering all hair types.
Scalpmaster Clipper Holder (9056)
Sturdy, mounted holder keeps clippers and trimmers organized and accessible.
Scalpmaster Clipper Guide Organizer (SC-2098)
Organize all your clipper guards with this great organizer. Hold 5 guards.
Scalpmaster 7" Left Handed Cutting Shear (SC2040LFT)
Left-handed, 100% stainless steel cutting shear with adjustable gold tension screw and removable finger-rest.
Scalpmaster Fade Comb - Blue (SC9299)
Made of high-grade, flexible plastic, this fade comb is perfect for blending fades and flat tops. Its bright blue color makes it highly visible during clipper and shear cuts.
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Scalpmaster Extra-Thick Ox Hair Neck Duster (ND-17)
Wooden handle with ox hair. Softer on your client's neck. Assorted colors. Stands on table!
Scalpmaster Boar Bristle Barber Brush (SC-9048)
2-1/4" barber brush with 100% boar bristles is perfect for removing excess hair between clipper passes and is well-suited for clipper cleaning. Loop handle allows for maximum control and a comfortable grip.
Scalpmaster Extra Wide Neck Duster (ND-19)
Extra-wide neck duster features synthetic bristles and an ergonomic handle. Measures: 5"H x 4-3/4"W.
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Scalpmaster Counter/Backbar Pad (SC-9029)
Smooth, rubber mat protects counters and workstations. Helps to keep barber accessories organized and looking professional.
Scalpmaster 100% Goat Hair Neck Duster (ND-21)
Soft bristles made from 100% goat hair remove loose hair from the neck. Lightweight, metal-coated plastic handle.
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