Aristocrat Professional Comb Kit (AR-10)
Aristocrat 10 pc. professional comb set includes 1 of each: wide tooth rat tail comb, fine tooth pin tail comb, 3 in 1 comb, fine tooth rat tail comb, wave comb, cutting comb, rake comb, dual purpose comb with metal...
Aristocrat Assorted Tortoise Comb Set (AR-38)
Set includes: 8-1/4" Shampoo Comb with coarse teeth, 6-1/2" Mini Shampoo Comb with coarse teeth, 5-1/4" Pik with wide, ball-tip teeth, 8-1/2" Rat Tail Comb with fine teeth , and 7-3/4" Dressing Comb with coarse and fine teeth.
Aristocrat Rat Tail Comb (V-20) 12pk
Fine teeth rat tail comb. 12pk
Aristocrat Pin Rat-Tail Comb (1180)
8-3/4" coarse tooth, metal pin tail comb
Aristocrat Hair Styla (HL-42)
Styler pik and lift 
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