ColorTrak Purple/Silver Double Foil - 400pk
Color in style with our purple and silver pop-up foil sheets! Each pop-up dispenser box comes with 400 pre-cut 5” x 10.75” sheets.  Featuring: Pre-cut, ready to use interfolded foil sheets Non-slip texture Efficient, space-saving pop-up dispenser box Dual compartments...
New Foil - 1000pk
1,000 Sheets of 9" x 5" pre-cut and textured silver foil.
Spilo Professional Foil Roll - 250ft
Graphite Silver Infinity Roll  Perforated Edge Cuts Foil To Desired Length Eliminates Waste 5" x 250'
Color Trak Silver Pop Up Foil (500pk-Square)
5” x 10.75” sheets Choose either 200, 500, or 1000 pre-cut, ready-to-use interfolded foil sheets Includes an easy, mess-free pop-up dispenser box Each sheet is embossed with a non-slip texture Texture and thickness are optimal for advanced foilayage and balayage...
Colora Highlight Strips
For balayage, highlighting, frosting, tinting and multi-level hair coloring. Cut preparation time in half. Each box contains 250 strips. Eliminate extra hassle and time from coloring work Colora quality and value since 1934
from $2.50
Color Trak Silver Pop Up Foil (500pk) 9" X 10.75"
Wider Foil = Faster Color!  Fly through balayages, full highlights, and hand-painted color with our latest addition to the Colortrak line of foils.  More width means a wider canvas for your favorite color techniques, and less time sectioning and stacking...
Color Trak Professional Balayage Film
Our cling-free film is a must-have for complex vivids, oil slick, and rainbow techniques. Whenever you need to see your color process, layer by layer, our hair coloring film is the perfect foil alternative. Salon professionals who specialize in fantasy...
ColorTrak Foil Roll #1350
5" x 1350'  or 5" 250' rolls Economical No waste Serrated edge on box cuts foil to precise lengths 25' roll can fit in our roll foil dispenser
ColorTrak Foil Dispenser
Choose the perfect length for your clients with this handy cur and fold foil dispenser.
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