IBD 5 Second Brush-On Nail Glue 6g
Easy brush-on application. Perfect for natural nails, artificial nails, and tips. Fast drying, durable and more moisture resistant than any other adhesive.   SKU 54006
IBD LED/UV Gel - Clear
$74.95 from $59.95
IBD LED/UV Gel - Clear
Clear LED/UV Gels are formulated for natural nail overlays.
$74.95 from $59.95
IBD 5 Second Professional Nail Glue 2g
Repairs and strengthens natural nails and is excellent for artificial nails.   SKU: 51002
IBD 5 Second Brush-On Gel Resin 6g
Thicker formula, easy brush-on application. Adhesive holds its shape without running.
IBD LED/UV Builder Gel - Clear
Clear UV Gel is formulated for nail extensions and building out nails.
from $45.99
IBD Stick Primer (.5oz)
Prepares nails for maximum adhesion, to be used with traditional hard gels and acrylics.   SKU: 71820
IBD Reconstrux (.125oz)
Designed to treat soft brittle nails, helps nail health in 30 days.   SKU: 73903
IBD Professional Nail Forms 300 Roll
Create perfect nails with self-adhesive disposable forms. SKU: 71812
IBD Natural Nail Primer .5oz
Non-acidic primer for maximum adhesion on natural nails. SKU: 60830
IBD Nail Wipes
Lint-free fibreless pads will not scratch or dull surfaces.   SKU: 60861
IBD LED/UV Bonder 0.5oz
Non-acid primer for use on natural nails. Designed to maximize adhesion with ibd LED/UV Gels.   SKU: 56844
IBD LED Shine Enhancer Cleanser (8oz)
Specially formulated for LED products, removes the tacky residue left behind from traditional gel application.     SKU: 57095
IBD Just Gel Polish Gel Cleanser (8oz)
Effectively removes sticky residue from the gel topcoat, leaving a mirror-glass shine.     SKU: 60821
IBD Jet 5000/3000 - 6 Replacement Reflectors
Replace reflectors every 3,000 hours or every 6-12 months. 2 bottom reflectors and 4 side reflectors   SKU: 61813
IBD Jet 5000/3000 - 2 UV Replacement Bulbs
Contains two 8 watt UV bulbs     SKU: 61814
IBD Jet 1000 Replacement Bulb
Contains two 4 watt UV bulbs   SKU: 60851
IBD Intense Seal LED/UV .5oz
Nail Tech favorite, Intense Seal now LED/UV, non cleansing formula with a mirror glass finish. Eliminates buffing, and can be used on traditional hard gels, acrylics, and wraps.       SKU: 60505
IBD Dehydrate (.5oz)
Removes oils from the natural nail for better adhesion.   SKU: 60112
IBD Cleanser Plus 16oz
Instantly removes tacky residue left behind from a traditional gel application.   SKU: 60816
IBD 5 Second Ultra Fast Nail Glue 2g
Provides the fastest set time. Offers maximum moisture resistance.   SKU: 51102
IBD 5 Second No Clog Nail Glue 3g
Convenient, no-clog bottle and resealable cap. ÔªøSKUÔªø 53003
IBD 5 Second Nail Filler Powder
Used with glue to repair cracked or split natural or artificial nails. SKU: 56001
IBD 5 Second Gel Glue 4g
Great adhesive for tip bonding. Quick-set adhesion in a gel glue to fill gaps.   SKU: 55403
IBD Nail Prep
from $13.49
IBD Nail Prep
Dehydrates and sanitizes prior to nail service
from $13.49
IBD LED/UV Builder Gel - Intense White
Intense White Gels in LED/UV are formulated in a bright white color, and designed for nail extensions and building out a French Manicure.
from $14.65
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