Woodys Mega Firm Gel
MEGA FIRM GEL FOR SUPER HOLD Now you're talking! This is a mega firm gel like it's meant to be. Without a doubt the best firm hold around. The first time you use it on dry or damp hair there's...
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Sukesha Styling Gel
Formulated with Keratin and Quinoa proteins, this full-bodied gel adds texture to the hair for all day control. Rice amino acids, panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B-5) and botanical extracts promote manageability and shape retention to give hair more volume and thickness without...
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Retro Versa-Gel
-Ideal for all hair types-Firm hold gel with excellent humidity control-Great for blow-drying-Strengthens curls-Technologically advanced, flake-free formula-Melon fragrance 
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All-Nutrient Spray Gel
Spray Gel is a lightweight styler, designed to impart body and hold without the usual stiffness associated with most gels. And unlike most spray gels that contain alcohol or some other drying agent that adversely affects the hair's condition, this...
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All-Nutrient Gel+
Gel+ is a firm, water-soluble gel that invisibly creates body, even for fine hair. Its non-flaking formula contains proteins and amino acids that naturally add volume without build up. This gel is ideal for piecing shorter styles, scrunching curls, and...
from $10.00
Retro Versa-Gel Xtreme
$9.33 from $7.33
Retro Versa-Gel Xtreme
-Ideal for all hair types-Hard hold gel with humidity control-Offers strong hold & intense shine-Use on wet or dry hair-No flaking-Enhances curls-Melon fragrance
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All About Curls - High Definition Gel
ESSENTIAL MOISTUREHigh Definition Gel All the control without the crunch! This styling gel delivers strong hold while locking in moisture and boosting shine. Leaves curls firmly defined without all the frizz.
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All-Nutrient Motion+
Motion+ is a soft gel that creates graceful, fluid movement with added sheen. Its lightweight formula defines existing texture without the crunch or heaviness of stronger gels. This styling aid is also great for blowouts as it creates medium volume...
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abba Firm Finish Gel 6.76oz
Natural botanicals create a firm yet flexible hold for any style. Mica adds shine while Avocado Oil balances the hair. Tame fly-aways Great for Up-Do’s Holds without stiffness Description Create buildable, long-lasting hold on any style. Key Botanicals Mica Crystals,...
Woodys Wood Glue Extreme Styling Gel (4oz)
EXTREME STYLING HAIR GEL Gel is stiff but Glue is rigid control for any hair texture. Only for the adventurous, when extreme styling is needed. Mold, Caulk or Hawk your style. Caution: Not intended for industrial use.
Voglia Hair Gel 5.9oz
Gel that brings shine to the hair, achieving a perfect style. Protect and control your hair throughout the day, achieving a stylish hairstyle.
All About Curls - Soft Definition Gel
ESSENTIAL MOISTURE Soft Definition Gel Light control without the crunch! This styling gel delivers soft hold while locking in moisture and boosting shine. Leaves curls defined yet flexible without all the frizz.
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Smart Solutions FHG Fine Hair Gel 5oz
Fine Hair Gel (FHG) has been formulated specifically for fine hair. FHG is a weightless gel that goes on wet or dry hair for total style control. FHG is excellent for blow drying into the hair for maximum fullness or...
Woodys Brickhead Firm Styling Gel 4oz
Firm hold matte gel. Use on wet or dry hair. For a softer hold apply to damp hair. Contains Marine extracts, Soy Proteins, and Red Algae. Adds strength and elasticity.
abba Style Gel 6.76oz
Creates shape, texture and a medium hold for all hair types. Botanicals add shine and vitamins for healthy natural feeling hair. Medium Hold Lightweight texture Shine Description Provides control to all hair types with a soft, flexible hold. Key Botanicals...
Mediceuticals PureHold Styling Agent 5oz
PUREHOLD™ Styling gel. Extra firm hold. Fragrance free. Wet or dry styling application. Protects hair from UV Radiation. Alcohol free and water soluble. Directions: Apply desired amount of Purehold on towel or dried hair, style as usual. 
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Original Sprout Classic Hair Gel 4oz
Original Sprout Classic Hair Gel is made with apple and apricot extract while hydrating hair with cucumber and securing even the most elaborate hair styles. Use on wet or dry hair to tame frizz and fly-aways.   Features Gentle pH of...
Woodys Styling Gel (12oz)
STYLING GEL WITH LIGHT TO MEDIUM HOLD The perfect styling tool for every day or whenever. Its light hold makes it the perfect blow dry gel or quick non-tacky styling gel to put unruly hair in place without stiffness. Creates...
Soya Volumizing Jel 32oz
Contains no alcohol and will not flake. Give fine, limp hair added body, adds texture, volume and strength. Formulated from all natural ingredients.
Volumax Work That Body Volumizing Gel
Turn up the volume and shine. HOLD FACTOR 3    why is it different? Volumax "Work that Body" Volumizing Gel with BodyLock™ Complex builds head-turning volume and shine with firm holding power and no flaking. Fast drying, alcohol-free sculpting...
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Soya Lite Hold
from $6.50
Soya Lite Hold
Gives texture, strength, body, & shine to all types of hair Styling Aid conditioner Contains no alcohol Treatment that protects and restores damaged, abused hair Serves as a sun protector for the hair Contains Hydrolyzed Soya Protein Adds body to...
from $6.50
Smart Solutions SGP Style Gel Plus 5oz
Style Gel Plus (SGP) controls and strengthens all types of hair with its Hydrolyzed Keratin and Plant Extract based formula. SGP is excellent for blow drying hair or air drying for wet looks. SGP’s hold will vary depending on the...
Biotera Alcohol-Free Defining Gel
Biotera Alcohol-Free Defining Gel provides firm hold, volume and lift without build-up, flaking or stickiness.   why is it different? Biotera Alcohol-Free Defining Gel is a paraben-free, lightweight gel blended with enduring bamboo extract to provide control definition, lift and...
from $5.95
Biotera Hypoallergenic Ultra Gentle Clean Styling Gel - 8oz
Dermatologist-tested Biotera Hypoallergenic Ultra Gentle Clean Gel provides mild and gentle styling to sensitive skin & scalp. Formulated without fragrance, dyes, gluten or parabens.   why is it different? Biotera Hypoallergenic Ultra Gentle Clean Gel is dermatologist-tested and formulated without...
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