Cal Mango Lip Balm
 WHAT IT DOES There’s nothing better than a beach day — but all that sun and surf can take a serious toll on your lips. This powerful naturally-derived formula refreshes lips, reducing fine lines and ensuring you’re always ready...
Cal Mango Extreme Body Creme 8.5oz
WHAT IT DOES Packed with refined oils and antioxidants, this gentle-but-powerful moisturizer absorbs quickly, helping maintain skin’s natural moisture. HOW TO USE In circular motions, apply a small amount of creme to dry patches. WHAT’S INSIDE Our signature creme is...
Cal Mango Essential Trial Bag
Includes 1/2oz Mango Mend, Lip Balm, and Cuticle Oil.
Cal Mango Mango Mend
WHAT IT DOES Overnight, dry skin gets a much-needed boost from natural vitamins and antioxidants. Wake up to smooth, beach-ready elbows, knees and even cuticles. HOW TO USE Apply to very dry, rough or cracked skin. For best results, use...
from $1.99
Cal Mango Mango Hand-Body Lotion
WHAT IT DOES Get head-to-toe hydrated with this simple, clean total body lotion, infused with our signature mango scent. HOW TO USE Using circular motions, massage lotion over hands and body. WHAT’S INSIDE Mango extract gives this gentle lotion a...
from $7.50
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