Feather Artist Club SR Straight Razor

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POWER UP WITH ‘SR STRAIGHT’ FOR SHAVING THICK FACIAL HAIR! It’s the best of both worlds made easy — for shaving thick facial hair and leaving soft skin results. The new Feather Artist Club SR Straight Razor is the powerful solution to this once tough shaving experience because it is heavy-yet-smooth on the skin, with less pressure needed to shave a thick beard. Raised by 10 degrees at the end, the silicone resin handle makes a difference for better holding and balance, along with anti-slip notches for superior grip no matter where you hold this beautifully designed straight handle. Look for attention to quality detail, like the boundary between metal and handle for a gentle finish to create stability when shaving. Consider the concave shape of the sandblasted steel head which offers a comfortable shape and a soft feel to the skin. The tip of the razor is rounded and thickened to enhance the soft, smooth feel of the skin. The ultimate replaceable blade shaving razor uses any of the 5 different available blades. The handle comes in black, blue and pink; handle and blades are made in Japan.

  • Thicker concave head than the DX with a rounded tip makes it the best choice for shaving thick, heavy hair
  • Silicone resin handle with anti-slip notches provides excellent grip to prevent slipping
  • Excellent weight and handling enabling smooth shaving and complete control
  • SR head is spring mounted with a one-touch mechanism for dismantling and cleaning
  • Autoclave and disinfectant safe
  • The ultimate replaceable blade shaving razor uses any of 5 different blades (Professional, ProGuard, Super, Light, SoftGuard)
  • Made in Japan



F1-25-216 - Black

F1-25-217 - Blue

      Feather Artist Club SR Straight Razor
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