Light Elegance - Super Shiny
Super Shiny is a UV/LED-cured gel used as a top coat for fingernail enhancements that cures to a high shine and gives the fingernail a polished, finished appearance. Enjoy weeks of durability and shine that lasts and lasts. PRODUCT BENEFITS...
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IBD Intense Seal LED/UV .5oz
Nail Tech favorite, Intense Seal now LED/UV, non cleansing formula with a mirror glass finish. Eliminates buffing, and can be used on traditional hard gels, acrylics, and wraps.   SKU:¬†60505
$13.95 $12.95
Tammy Taylor Top Gel Plus (UV/LED)
Total Game Changer. This gel top coat seals and protects acrylic and gel and stays shiny up to a month. Yes, A MONTH. The super durable UV formula is non-yellowing, does not stain, chip or peel. Cures in LED and...
Tammy Taylor Silky Matte UV/LED Top Coat
No-Wipe Top Coat with a semi-matte finish. Great for nail art! Cures in LED and UV Lamps.
OPI Axxium Top Sealer No Cleanse (15ml)
Get precision application and long-lasting gels with OPI's Axxium No-Cleanse UV Top Sealer. Makes finishing faster than ever! This brush-on, non-yellowing sealer fills in imperfections and seals any enhancement with a high shine. The tack-free finish is brilliant straight from...
Supernail UV Topcoat .5oz
For the ultimate durable shine; seals the polish for weeks. Dries in 3 minutes with any UV lamp.   Item Number: 630441
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