Tammy Taylor Sanitize
An absolute favorite amongst clients and nail techs. Sanitize is an aromatic powerful skin sanitizer that is non-drying. You can use it to clean bottles, containers, your manicure tabletop and other surfaces. It kills germs and is environmentally safe. 
from $12.95
IBD LED Shine Enhancer Cleanser (8oz)
Specially formulated for LED products, removes the tacky residue left behind from traditional gel application.     SKU: 57095
IBD Just Gel Polish Gel Cleanser (8oz)
Effectively removes sticky residue from the gel topcoat, leaving a mirror-glass shine.     SKU: 60821
Star Antibacterial Cleansing Spray
Antibacterial Cleansing SprayAn effective antibacterial cleanser for nail and tools associated with nail tips and sculpture products.Directions: Spray liberally on nails prior to application of tips, sculptures, wraps or gel nails. Wipe dry. Use to prep nail plate for all nail...
from $8.25
OPI N.A.S 99 Nail Cleanser
Facilitate the manicure process with N.A.S. 99 Nail Cleansing Solution. Thoroughly cleanses the nail plate, before and after the application of all nail products. Removes excess oils and moisture to improve adhesion of all nail products.
from $11.95
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