Light Elegance - Cleansing Wipes - 360ct
LEpro Cleansing Wipes are for prepping and finishing the service, truly 100% lint-free and come in a resealable bag. 360 ct.
Tammy Taylor Towelette's - 300pk
Remove Tacky Surface on Nail Gels Cut Down on Waste (use Towelette’s instead of large paper towels) Help Eliminate Contamination (use clean Towelette’s during nail application) Towelette’s  Keep your Sculpting Brush Clean which Extends the Life of Your Brush Decrease...
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OPI Expert Touch Nail Wipes
Prep nails for a perfect mani or pedi with single-use Expert Touch Nail Wipes from OPI. Lint-free nail wipes. Use with lacquer remover to wipe away lacquer and glitter without residue. Convenient dispenser box. Made in the USA. 100% Lint-FreeWon't...
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Hands Down Ultra Nail Pads
Convenience at your fingertips! HandsDown®Ultra Nail & Cosmetic Pads have an easy-to-grip tab and a poly barrier that protect a nail technician’s own manicure during polish removal services. The HandsDown® Nail Wipes are totally lint-free. Ideal for gel nails and nail...
from $22.69
Intrinsics Nail Tech's Choice Gel Nail Wipes 2x2 (200pk)
A beautiful shine every time NAIL TECH'S CHOICE Gel Nail Wipes are economical and sanitary way to remove tacky gel residue lint-free without scratching or dulling the nail surface. Benefits: Does not lint Use to prep the nail prior to...
Light Elegance - Big Wipes - 360 ct
LEpro Big Wipes are lint-free and designed to cover your table. They will never stick to your file, either. 50 ct.
Intrinsics Nail Tech's Choice 2x2 - 200pk
Absorbent & abrasive Benefits of Nail Tech's Choice: Abrasive gauze surface encasing a 100% cotton filling The ideal polish remover Use to remove product and exfoliate skin during facials Virtually non-linting
IBD Nail Wipes
Lint-free fibreless pads will not scratch or dull surfaces.   SKU: 60861
Supernail ProGel Polish Cleansing Wipes 65pk
SuperNail pre-moistened ProGel Cleansing Wipes removes sticky gel residue from ProGel Top Coat, leaving a mirror-like glossy finish. Cleansing wipes are pre-soaked with SuperNail’s highly effective ProGel Cleanser, to quickly remove the sticky residue that remains after the gel top...
DL Pro - Lint Free Foam Nail Wipes (DL-C330)
Lint-free nail wipes are perfect for removing gel residue and dusting off nails before a service.
Intrinsics Petite Cotton Wipes 2x2 - 200pk
Perfect for cleansing and exfoliating the skin during facials or before waxing Gently abrasive and absorbent; ideal for removing product from skin 100% cotton, hypoallergenic
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