Soft N Style Clear Vinyl Gloves - 100pk
Vinyl disposable glove are latex free, non-allergenic and 100% powder-free. Excellent protection against color, dyes and harsh chemicals. 100 gloves per dispenser box.
Hempz Spun Sugar & Vanilla Bean Lotion
Spun Sugar & Vanilla Bean A cozy, sweet aroma that evokes the holidays BENEFITSSOFT TOUCHHelps calm and soothe skin with shea butter, hemp seed oil, and aloeSHINE ONGives skin a subtle glimmer with finely ground mica, a naturally occurring mineralMULTIVITAMINVitamins...
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Hempz Express Yourself Pride & Passion Fruit Punch Herbal Body Moisturizer 17oz
Replenishes and locks in moisture with natural extracts• Hempz will donate a percentage of proceeds to Resource Center, an LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS service organization in North Texas• 17-ounce pump bottle
Hempz Triple Moisture Hand Sanitizer - 16oz
Our best-selling gel hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs with 63% ethanol alcohol, and leaves hands soft and moisturized. Made in USA.   SCENTEnchanted Grapefruit & Sparkling PeachBeloved, full-bodied fruits speak to a joyful personality.BENEFITSCDC CompliantWith 63% ethanol alcohol, it exceeds...
Hempz Pumpkin Spice & Vanilla Chai Herbal Body Mask
Hydrate, condition, and soften skin with this rinse-off mask that you can use daily. 8-ounce jar. SCENTPumpkin Spice & Vanilla ChaiA warm, inviting fragrance that evokes the changing season BENEFITSLOVIN' SPOONFULIncludes a reusable wooden spoon for easy applicationHYDRATION STATIONHelps condition and...
Hempz Sweet Jasmine & Rose Collagen Infused Herbal Body Moisturizer
Hydrate skin and leave it softly scented with sweet jasmine and rose with our new plant-based collagen lotion.   BENEFITSIT'S A LOCKHelps restore and seal in moisturize with a collagen blend of essential oils, butters, and extractsDEW YOUConditions skin for...
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Olivia Garden Disposable Face Masks - 50pk
3 ply non-woven face mask.  Single use Latex Free Filters Airborne Particulate  Elastic Earloops Soft & Comfortable  Metal Nose Strip For Adjustable Fit 6 7/8" x 3 3/4"
XpreCide Disinfecting Wipes (100pk)
XpreCide Disinfecting Wipes Protection fromBacteria, Germs and VirusesVIRUCIDAL - BACTERICIDAL - FUNGICIDALXprecide Disinfecting Wipes offers rapid, safe, powerful antimicrobial activity inareas that need sterilization of bacteria, germs and virusesSafe for use in:Household areas such as: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, pet areas,...
All-Nutrient Keratint Ammonia-Free Demi Haircolor
$5.95 $4.95
  • 0/00 - Clear
  • 1N - Blue Black
  • 2CS - Cool Dark Slate
  • 3N - Ebony Brown
  • + 56
All-Nutrient Keratint Ammonia-Free Demi Haircolor
Keratint is an ammonia-free, reconstructive color that promises vibrant, lasting shades with brilliant shine.It's oxidative dyes deposit radiant color through a unique maximum pigment system.This system delivers rich color saturation with a complex blend of small molecular pigments that deliver deep...
$5.95 $4.95
  • 0/00 - Clear
  • 1N - Blue Black
  • 2CS - Cool Dark Slate
  • 3N - Ebony Brown
  • + 56
Hempz Sweet Jasmine & Rose Moisturizer Body Wash 8oz
Cleanse and nourish skin with this sweetly scented lightweight body wash. 8 ounces in a twist-squeeze foaming dispenser. SCENTSweet Jasmine & RoseA sensual, rich floral fragrance BENEFITSFIRM FOOTINGHelps firm and nourish skin with plant-based collagenSCENT SENSELightly scents skin with sweet...
Hempz Sweet Jasmine & Rose Moisturizer Body Mask 7.3oz
Hydrate, condition, and soften skin with our sweetly scented, collagen-infused body mask. 8-ounce jar.   BENEFITSCOOL WHIPSoft, smooth, even application thanks to a whipped consistencyHYDRATION STATIONHelps condition and hydrate skin with essential extracts and oilsDEW YOUEnriched with 100% pure hemp...
Light Elegance - The Mighty Jungle ButterCream Collection (6pk)
Influenced by the raw, natural beauty of the jungle and the abundant life sources that can be found throughout any wild environment, the new Fall 2020 The Mighty Jungle ButterCream collection welcomes all the fun and mystery the jungle represents....
Light Elegance - Wanna Be My Tarzan Butter Cream - 5ml
Wanna Be My Tarzan?  ButterCream Color Gel, 5.5 ml A cream bone white. This color is not white and not tan but the perfect in-between of the two. A clean and simple staple! A year-around color that looks good on...
Light Elegance - Let's Monkey Around Butter Cream - 5ml
Let's Monkey Around ButterCream Color Gel, 5.5 ml A rich brown taupe. A creamy brown with a light hint of purple undertone. You will want to monkey around with this sophisticated and beautiful brown. Coverage: Opaque Effect: Flat/Cream
Light Elegance - Jane Of The Jungle Butter Cream - 5ml
Jane of the Jungle ButterCream Color Gel, 5.5 ml The perfect camouflage green! A milky cream hunter green. If green could be neutral, this would be it. Jane would be proud! Coverage: Opaque Effect: Flat/Cream
Light Elegance - On The Prowl Butter Cream - 5ml
On the Prowl ButterCream Color Gel, 5.5 ml A dusty brick red. You could almost call this cream red a neutral. It’s not a loud red, not as dark as a brick but the perfect warm dusty red. Coverage: Opaque...
Light Elegance - Hear Me Roar Butter Cream - 5ml
Hear Me Roar ButterCream Color Gel, 5.5 ml This cream-yellow is not mustard and not sunshine – it’s right in between. Neutral mustard that has a vibrancy to it. This is a yellow you should not be afraid of! Our...
Light Elegance - Show Me Your Spots Butter Cream - 5ml
Show Me Your Spots ButterCream Color Gel, 5.5 ml A deep, dark black purple. If you like dark colors with a little bit of personality, this sexy and sophisticated cream purple is for you. Coverage: Opaque Effect: Flat/Cream
Satin Smooth Pebble Wax - Titanium Blue (35oz)
Convenient, customized service. Satin Smooth® Titanium Blue Thin Film Pebble Wax is a pourable formula of our traditional thin film wax, with the same incredible results. Just pour what you need into your warmer and the pebbles melt into the...
Satin Smooth Pebble Wax - Calendula Gold (35oz)
The secret to the rich feel of this depilatory wax is the natural extracts from the wild calendula flower and the tea tree plant. Used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory, the combination calms and soothes the skin. The richness of...
Nail Table Protective Screen 23" x 23"
This nail table protective screen guard measures 23"x23" and has an opening measuring 7" x 20".   This table is produced locally in Ogden Utah and is ready to ship. 
Product Club EZ Apron (EZAPRON-OS)
Lightweight apron without strings. Patent pending “memory waistband” hugs your waist and allows apron to slip on and off with ease. Features multiple pockets, and a waist extender to comfortably fit most sizes. Stain-resistant and machine washable. Measures 21" long...
All About Curls - United We Curl Starter Kit
Includes No-Lather Cleanser, Daily Cream Conditioner, High Definition Gel, Bouncy Cream.
$8.95 $6.27
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