Light Elegance - G.I. Jane ButterCream (5ml)
A beautiful army green. Its perfectly balanced olive-toned green is great for year-round wear. G.I. Jane, ButterCream Color Gel, 17 ml
Light Elegance - White Swimsuit ButterCream (5ml)
A soft delicate white with a pinch of pearl shimmer. One coat give you a sweet marshmallow white and two coats give you a white that definitely makes a statement. New P+ White Swimsuit, Gel Polish, 15 ml. Coverage: OpaqueEffect: Flat/Cream
Light Elegance - Devil Wears Guava ButterCream (5ml)
A muddled, creamy terracotta brown with a slight pink undertone. This warm neutral carries a ton of color while pairing well with almost any outfit!  This long-time favorited shade is a luscious guava pink with a subtle bronze shimmer throughout....
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