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Soft N Style Clear Vinyl Gloves - 100pk Large
Vinyl disposable glove are latex free, non-allergenic and 100% powder-free. Excellent protection against color, dyes and harsh chemicals. 100 gloves per dispenser box.
XpreCide Disinfecting Wipes (100pk)
XpreCide Disinfecting Wipes Protection fromBacteria, Germs and VirusesVIRUCIDAL - BACTERICIDAL - FUNGICIDALXprecide Disinfecting Wipes offers rapid, safe, powerful antimicrobial activity inareas that need sterilization of bacteria, germs and virusesSafe for use in:Household areas such as: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, pet areas,...
$7.99 $4.00
Fromm Clear Vinyl Gloves - 100pk
  Essential gloves for protection from salon chemical processes Material is soft and flexible for good fit and comfort. Reliable material that minimizes tearing and punctures.
Colouration Powder Free Vinyl Gloves 100pk - Medium
100 Powder Free Vinyl Gloves. Finest Quality Ambidextrous Non-Sterile Single Use Only   08862
Product Club Face Shield (PC-FS10)
Adjustable, lightweight face shield is made of durable, clear plastic material that protects the face and eyes from liquid sprays or droplets. Ideal for use in the salon to protect from dust, sprays and airborne particles, it can be worn...
Graham White Disposable Cutting Capes - White (50pk)
Protects you and your clients. Single-use, disposable. Cost efficient. Easy to use. Over-the-head or tie at neck. Available in white.  
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