Body Toolz Peel Away Callus Removal Kit

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Remove & Smooth Rough Calluses With Ease

  • Smooth away calluses and dry skin with ease with the Peel Away Callus Remover Kit.
  • Each kit contains stainless steel reusable paddle, 20 pieces of 80 Grit pads (quickly reduces calluses) and 20 pieces of 120 Grit pads (buffs skin to a smooth finish).
  • Easy to use simply place one 80 grit pad on one side and one 120 grit pad on the other.
  •  Remove unwanted dry skin and calluses with ease.
  • Can be use with Callus Terminator by Body Toolz Use wet or dry. After each use simply remove the pads, clean paddle with soap and water. Replacement pads available.
  • For the Professional Salon: a convenient new way to offer pedicure services with the highest level of sanitation. Peel Away Callus Kit with Disposable Grit Strips, so each client gets a new strip with each service.
  •  Perfect for state boards require single-use files.

Remove Calluses With Peel Away Kit 

  • Peel Away Replacement Pads come in 80 Grit or 120 Grit sizes.
  • 80 Grit is the roughest grit for hard rough callus.
  • 120 Grit for smoothing rough calluses.
  • Each package contains 80 replacement pads one size only.

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