Hot Tools 3/4" Hot Air Brush (HT1579)

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DRIES AND STYLES IN ONE EASY STEP​Easy-to-use Hot Air Brush creates full-body curls. Curl Release​Switch unlocks and rotates barrel to release curls for tangle-free​styling. Versatile Multi-vent Barrel allows for more airflow for quick,easy drying and styling. Creates long-lasting, beautiful defined curls.


Replaces Helen of Troy 1579


  • Tangle-Free Curl Release 
  • High/Low Heat Settings 
  • Versatile multi-vent barrel 
  • Ball-Tipped bristles gently grip hair  
  • Removable brush sleeve for easy cleaning 
  • Curl release switch 
  • Separate On / Off Switch 
  • Seven-year warranty
Hot Tools 3/4" Hot Air Brush (HT1579)
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