PowerTools PCS - Protector Conditioner Styling Aid 10oz

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Neutralize every color service with Color Protector, Conditioner Styling Aid, PCS. With a low pH (acidic), it eliminates any residual peroxide (developer) and other alkali in hair treatments.

Why use PCS?

Polymerization occurs when hair color and peroxide developers are mixed together. Excess peroxide is created and left behind for this reaction to be completed. It is for this free peroxide that you see lift; the higher the peroxide level, the more lift you see. Experiments have shown this to be a major damaging factor and especially, if not completely removed, can cause color change and fading. Our PCS formula has a special affinity (attraction) to residual hydrogen peroxide. It converts H2O2 into harmless oxygen and water which is a basic moisturizer.

Additional Benefits:

  • Can be used as a cutting tool
  • Prevents color fade out
  • Returns hair to its normal pH levels
  • Use after perming to equal out porosity
  • Use for styling and all day conditioning
  • Use on dry hair to reactivate styling products to touch-up hair style
  • Apply at the pool, beach or before a tanning session to protect the hair from damaging ultraviolet rays.
PowerTools PCS - Protector Conditioner Styling Aid 10oz
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